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Last Post 06/18/2013 08:17 PM by Coup de Pedale. 2 Replies.
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06/18/2013 08:26 AM
Seriously? whatever happened to all those doping allegations?


06/18/2013 09:07 AM
That news took about a nano second before Tilford weighed in


06/18/2013 08:17 PM
There's no reason that S.Tilford is more relevant than any of us blow-hards anymore (to have a blog and an opinion), but that's another topic... Longo is a super-talent, and more importantly, has never missed a season, so her muscle-memory and her "engine" continue to pay huge dividends. Myself, I always had perhaps mediocre natural ability, but at 53 after 38 years of cycling I can outride most anyone on club rides. I say that not to wave my flag but to acknowledge that it's her longevity and consistency that are her strengths. Like Jens Voigt.
However, her titles well into her 40's are definitely suspect during the EPO heyday. I don't believe for a minute that her husband was only buying it for his own personal use. Really? What, so she wouldn't think less of you if you don't perform? It's not Viagra, and we're not stupid... he was just taking the wrap to keep her from going down too.
I do respect her as an amazing athlete, and hope that she has cleaned up her act today.
At the same time, there is something not right with this woman... She doesn't know how to hang up her racing wheels. I think she would suffer massive depression without being perennially goal-driven. Seriously.
Either that, or she keeps racing for spite because she has always been at odds with the FFC...! They can't stop her (without a doping conviction), but she won't go away!
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