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Plan C, the McQuaid re-election saga
Last Post 08/25/2013 10:09 PM by pa biker. 27 Replies.
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07/30/2013 01:16 AM
Pat McQuaid has lost the backing of his native Ireland and will see in a few weeks whether he loses the backing of his adopted home country, Switzerland.  But now Malaysia has proposed rewriting the rules to allow any two countries to back a candidate, no residency required.  This rule change would be retroactive.  Two countries, Thailand and Morocco, have stepped up and said they would back him.

This sounds so UCI/McQuaid.  I'll venture to guess this rule change will pass, irregularities in the vote will be challenged, but that McQuaid will be re-elected before any challenge can be heard in court.  I will also surmise that as I write this, his cronies are working on Plan D in case this one, Plan C, fails.

And, yes, you perceived correctly if you detected cynicism here.



07/30/2013 05:43 AM
Forgive me for being ignorant of the "rules" of the uci, but doesn't his election still require an old fashioned vote? so being "backed" by a country is merely a step to getting on the ballot?

Jeez if it requires a rule change just to get this douche on the ballot maybe we need some other rule changes - like term limits?


07/30/2013 08:26 AM
you'd think he's running for president of russia.
How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.


07/30/2013 08:46 AM
don't the UCI board members see what a laughingstock he makes out of their organization? everyone else see it.


07/30/2013 08:58 AM
Yeah, crazy.

@stronz - I look at it as he cannot win the primary, so he wants new rules to be on the ballot?

Cycling has become more global under him, but maybe that is due to the intertrons more than the UCI?


07/30/2013 09:06 AM
Becoming almost as corrupt as the IOC, but can't hold a candle to FIFA.


07/30/2013 09:19 AM
Go ahead, make my day.
Cosmic Kid


07/30/2013 09:45 AM
“I want to tell the world of cycling to please join me in telling Pat McQuaid to f##k off and resign." - Greg Lemond
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


07/30/2013 07:22 PM
This guy is shameless, and a fighter to the end.

He will be gone though, the tide with the latest Tour De France revelations are against him.

If he stays, sponsors will continue to leave the sport but I put the odds at 25%.




07/30/2013 08:03 PM
Who did Pat blow in Malaysia?


07/30/2013 10:59 PM
Needs to go. I surely hope that it happens for the good of the sport.

Would be a great "shot in the arm" if the sport could rid itself of him this Fall and begin the march forward.


07/31/2013 12:14 AM
Agree, yet he is fighting it like some petty dictator. Makes him look like a bigger douche frankly.


07/31/2013 09:20 AM
Dude needs to realize he needs to step aside for the best interests of cycling. He does not get it. It is all about him. Sometimes you need to know when to say when. Those who back him are also blind. I am shocked there is not more backlash in the cycling community. Heck, when your own country won't back you, something is amiss.
Gonzo Cyclist


07/31/2013 10:34 AM
yup, this guy is the major problem with cycling right now, dude needs to go for sure, what a narcissistic prick this guy is
Cosmic Kid


07/31/2013 12:57 PM
I didn't think it was possible for me to loathe anyone more than I loathed Verbruggen.

I was wrong.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
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