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I want a Wiggins / Froome TDF show down
Last Post 12/06/2013 11:12 AM by christopher behrens. 8 Replies.
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Ride On


12/05/2013 02:32 PM
Given a good course, Wiggins with some motivation . Both on strong but different teams . I would like to see them go head to head. Nothing like two strong guys who seem to hate each other going head to head.


12/05/2013 03:47 PM
i think Froome, Porte, Contador, Purito, Valverde and certainly Quintana are all better climbers than Bradley. Wiggins wins the race only if it is 3000km of TTing. A nice long climb where the climbers can mix it up with repeated attacks and Wiggins disappears.
Orange Crush


12/05/2013 04:06 PM
The 2014 Tour will be decided on the Pla d'Adet, that's all you need to know. It's the part of the cycling calendar I least look forward to, the nice images of the French countryside notwithstanding.

My eyes will be squarely on the Brazuca



12/05/2013 06:37 PM
There you go OC, ruining a nice serious thread with boobs.

I dare you to do it again.
Orange Crush


12/05/2013 06:44 PM
Sorry guy, you've reached your quotum for the week.


12/05/2013 10:43 PM
What a great thread. Ben, was this one too wide for your browser?


12/06/2013 12:31 AM
lsd, no. This shows on a 2nd page which has the normal width.

I gather that most of you have software that compresses large pictures and all the rest the same amount. After the big picture was posted, the view of the Trek employee did not change for me. What I saw (and have seen in the past was the right margin of the text area extending to well off the browser window so I had to scroll to the right both tho see the rest of the picture and read the text. Now, I could see all the text and the big picture it I scrolled just right, but then the poster names and pics get pushed off the left.

So the good news is that all the pictures of women in this thread came through for me just fine! Your words got hard to read. Maybe I'm a winner?

Cosmic Kid


12/06/2013 11:02 AM
Wiggins won the Tour in 2012 through a combination of the parcours, myopically focused training and lack of true contenders. And he knew it, I believe....hence his decision to focus on the Giro in 2013, where the talent level is historically not as high (although the parcours admitedly rarely suits a rider of his skills).

And all due credit to Wiggo for recognizing those aspects and making the most of the opportunity. But you'll never see him challenge again in the TdF.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


12/06/2013 11:12 AM
CK -

Quit changing the subject.

We're discussing boobs...

Oh yeah, I guess that includes Wiggins. My bad.
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