Movistar leaves Quintana out of the TdF...
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01/28/2014 09:38 AM
I read Movistar's explanation. Seems like a bit of BS going on. My cynicism has reached new heights with all professional sports, and I am close to believing that they are all rigged...


01/28/2014 09:59 AM
Its January and a lot can change between now and July.


01/28/2014 11:41 AM
Well if this is such a bad decision, Quintana will win the Giro while Valverde crashes on the cobbles in France. Time will tell, but it certainly looks like this a big gift to Sky.


01/28/2014 11:43 AM
A big gift.
Orange Crush


01/28/2014 12:15 PM
I'm finding nothing wrong with the explanation...too early for a formal leadership role at tour...give him time to grow...taste leadership at Giro first. Sounds logical.

Disappointing for the fans, absolutely, but that's another matter.

I'd bet some stones he'll still be at Tour but in a support role.


01/28/2014 12:28 PM
I'm with OC on this, he's not ready for Froome as of yet,the Giro gives him a chance for winning a GT.


01/28/2014 12:58 PM
Froome and Sky would almost certainly take advantage of Quintana's inexperience and cost him minutes at least once. Now, with that happening, I'd wager good money that Quintana would never let Sky see the top step again unless the Tour chose to favor the TTs big time. Still, it would be a 3 time sweep for Sky and Quintana would be relegated to the 2nd step again.

This way, Quintana has a very good chance of winning a tour, getting experience as leader and front runner. (Also, he will get to witness another "how not to do it" from Valverde in July. Last year it was Valverde waiting for the bike he wanted after a mechanical. That two minute wait cost him 8.)

We now have two young riders who are a joy to watch, One a superstar/all-arounder in a smaller field, Marianne Vos and now Quintana, climber supreme who appears a quite capable rider elsewhere. I'm guessing and hoping both are as clean as a whistle. The sports in good hands.



01/29/2014 02:58 AM
I must say this does confuse me. The young man came in 2nd on his first try at the old age of 24. Guess he had no Idea what he was doing. I say this because so many say he is to young and needs to learn. I don't understand what he needs to "learn" that he did not show last year. A few tactical mistakes but why learn them in Italy or Spain and not France!

I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer so I guess he just got really lucky last year. Lets let him ride a few other Tours and hope he continues to be lucky to see if he really knows how to ride a bike like the big boys?!? Then give him another chance at the TdF? When? If he's what?

Sorry, I've had a few adult beverages and my thoughts are a little confused. Kinda like Moviestars in my opinion. God, you have a great one two punch. Strike while the iron's hot!
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01/29/2014 10:57 AM
The unfortunate thing is that this course may the best course for him in his career. Only one TT and it is the penultimate day. Shame to miss out on that.....

aBUt I do think Quintana would have been quickly exposed in the race....and may not ahve made it through the cobbles.
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01/29/2014 11:15 AM
I can get my head around their reasoning. But, as someone earlier mentioned, it's a downer for the fans as he did add an extra layer of intrigue in the mountains. Plus, I wanted to see a repeat confrontation between he and Froome after the mountaintop finish last year where Froome had the opportunity to reward the rookie with a stage win for his huge efforts but took it for himself even though the gift would not have cost him anything in time. Not saying Froome should have gifted the stage, just saying it set the grounds for a potential grudge match.
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01/29/2014 12:11 PM
He has a better chance of winning the Giro than Le Tour and I think we can all agree on that.
----- It is his word versus ours. We like our word. We like where we stand and we like our credibility."--Lance Armstrong.


01/29/2014 01:19 PM
I agree with OC. At the same time, I think this is some kind of show of respect to Valverde and I don't believe he's ever shown the ability to win Le Tour.


02/07/2014 07:01 PM
A lot of smart analysis here.

Yep, he is young. Valverde, right, I don't know if he has it to win a GT (it ain't easy though, of course!).

I'm still surprised Nairo came out and said he isn't happy with this decision. I wonder if he got called into the principal's office after that...

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