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03/25/2014 08:04 PM
7th in MSR, 1st at World Cyclocross Championship and the season is just rolling
Given his Paris- Roubaix performance last year (6th after a crash near the end), I see a monument in that guy's future. Holy Cow, he was very aggressive for a guy who left cross at World's this year and can also make the final selection at MSR which is more of a death march, so I see good things coming.
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03/25/2014 09:26 PM
I put him in my top-2 for PR.


03/26/2014 05:57 AM
He's awesome.
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03/26/2014 08:41 AM
at one of the cx races this winter i was awed by his ability to jump his cx bike. while most of the racers were rolling the double, he was launching and crossing up like he was on a pump track. and not just the first lap but every lap.
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