Congrats KC
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02/04/2018 07:55 PM
I’ve been a KC for years. She was unlucky many times in search of a WC. I pretty much wrote her off at the beginning of the year and also figured the next wave of US women might even dislodge her on the national stage. Well, I was wrong. Nice year and valiant effort. Silver is okay. I know you wanted gold to cap a great year. Keep on chugging.


02/04/2018 11:56 PM
Yeah. Yesterday's race could be considered one of the great races ever, any venue. One of the toughest World's CX courses ever. Best two in the world, two of the all-time greats riding pegged for 50 minutes of almost perfect riding and finishing 12 seconds apart.

I didn't get to see any moving footage. But the photos at the top of yeaterday's CN article showed first: two completely spent and grateful women at the top two steps of the podium, then the three podium women degenerating into a complete goof-ball champagne fight.

I got to see KC's first two National's titles in Portland. Rooted for her ever since. Felt for her during her so many disappointments. Yesterday, she didn't win, but she did shine. That was a ride for the ages.


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