Giro Stage 16 (spoiler)
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Orange Crush


05/21/2013 06:40 PM
If you haven't see it, the last 20 k was awesome. Some kickass descending by group of main favorites and animated finale. Gesink...the guy just can't catch a break. Based on what I saw today, Evans is perhaps more likely to go backward than forward. There were a couple of moments where he had to work hard to make up lost ground. On the descend, that was surprising.
Patched Tube


05/22/2013 09:34 AM
Evans is a decent but unspectacular descender so its not altogether suprising that he may have lost contact during a descent. Didn't see the stage (I'm stuck someplace where I can't see any video) so maybe he was working that hard because he lost contact before the summit and had to bust his butt to catch back on. Reading the reports I'm having trouble reading Evans: he seems like he's racing hard and has decent form. Maybe he's saving his matches for later in the season or maybe age has caught up to him.
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