Chilling. An insider story of the Beloki crash
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07/24/2019 02:23 PM
The story as told by his teammate, Jorg Jaksche who was not far behind him when it happened and first on the scene after.

Seems their DS, Manolo Saiz, gave orders that were not to be disregarded that turned a calm moment of a stage that mattered little on a very hot day to a setup for what happened.  Jaksche told Beloki to go easy on the descent, that what could he gain?  10 seconds?  Saiz by contrast was apparently going nuts yelling "Venge, Venge!"  So Beloki went fast, faster that Armstrong, a very good descender was willing to go.  And we all know where that ultimately went.


07/28/2019 02:07 PM
Beloki never recovered from that crash. I hope the same thing doesn't happen to Chris Froome with the injuries he sustained, which seem similar.

Manolo Saiz was always a freakin' idiot. When at Liberty Seguros, he ordered all of the bikes in a size medium, deciding against the wisdom of modern bike fitting. According to him, all the riders had to do was adjust the seatpost and stem and they'd be fine.

So a rider who is 5'6" can ride the same size frame as someone 6'2". Way to go, Manolo. And I'll never forgive him for being the manager of the first pro team to ride frames with sloping top tubes, setting an irrevocable trend that has ruined cycling aesthetics from then on.

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