Paris-Nice: I like!
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03/08/2020 01:58 PM
First, its not canceled.  Second, opening stage was a real race!  Third, two of my favorites did their thing nicely.  Alaphillippe, built for the Ardennes races, took this on.  Didn't win but put put his mark on the week.  (More than a couple of riders are going to remember his ride and not with fondness.)  Quintana, the pint sized climber who had no business there in a windy crosswind day, did exactly what he needed to do.

It may be a grim year, but for the next week we have bicycle racing!  Really good racing!  Now, if Alaphillppe can continue the show all week and Quintana can quietly pull this off (throwing in one or two special days) I'll be as happy as a clam.

I've been off the bike.  Music, people and another room renovation getting my focus.  Vowed before I went to bed that today I'd ride.  Last night my leg cramped up.  Yup, gotta go.  (It's gonna be real slow!)  But Alaphillippe has put some spring in my step!)

I'm off to put some air in my tires and make sure the 18 and 19 tooth cogs are on Jessica.  (Don't want to do anything rash!)



03/08/2020 07:59 PM
Like a one day Classic today. Crap weather, hard man go for it all strategy, and a worthy podium. I wonder how much JA will have left in the tank after his complete effort today.
Cosmic Kid


03/08/2020 09:40 PM
That was a damn good stage, no doubt. Thought Alliphalippe was gonna walk away with the whole thing for awhile today, but that was a great counter to catch them.

Hopefully the rest of the race follows suit!!!
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


03/08/2020 09:49 PM
He is only human.
More evidence that he is not juiced.


03/09/2020 01:32 AM
lsd, this looks like old fashioned, clean racing. Clean drugwise. Those who lost time to crashes when Sunweb took the peleton through the roundabout with a massive acceleration might have other thoughts as to intent and tactics. But pint sized Quintana made it; proof it could be done by anybody riding smart.

I read the CyclingNews live text report. Just realized they didn't mention Ineos ever. Not once. Were they in the race?
Orange Crush


03/09/2020 10:52 AM
Ben - between Corona and Portal, Ineos is not racing for a while.

There's a few other teams that are not here, Jumbo-Visma among them.

I am liking Quintana for overall but he lost Barguil as key support due to crash and then DQ.

Interestingly JA mentioned he wasn't feeling greatest coming into race.

(edit) sounds like Quintana crashed today. Scratch that. JA shed a bunch of time too. Nibali FTW.

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