Today's Tour de Suisse Finish Issue - Spoiler
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Dave Stohler


06/14/2013 05:39 PM
Is it just me or did Rui Costa cross a line in that sprint?  I watched it several times in slowmo and he came over to his right violently into Tejay's "lane" (to cite the rules language) causing Tejay to fully stop pedaling for a few revolutions.  Until that point, they were neck and neck.  After that, Rui had it won and Tejay let up.

Rui probably would've won anyhow, but man, I've seen riders relegated in Pro Tour stages for that kind of thing and no one said a word today.  Cyclingnews even ventures that "Costa cleverly closed the door on van Garderen in the final metres..."  Wha?! From what I saw it sure didn't seem like a legal/subtle closing the door like when Cav moves over ever so slightly and squeezes people to get through or shut them down.  This seemed pretty obvious.

Commentator (watching BeIn with whatshisface and Magnus) mentioned Tejay wasn't happy, but I think he was voicing what he would've felt as I didn't see Tejay even raise a hand, shake his head.  Good on him for letting it go, he's certainly got bigger fish to fry.

Anyone else think the same thing?


06/14/2013 07:20 PM
He was certainly all over the road. How about the 3K to go kite blocking the road for TJVG and RC?!
Dave Stohler


06/14/2013 07:29 PM
Yeah, true. Maybe Magnus was right when he kindly offered that the climbers/gc guys just aren't used to sprinting. Also, maybe there's some karmic justice to it. Rui gets the stage but that inflatable sausage-like kite may have cost him the overall to Frank. So, TJ's teammate (Frank) stays in yellow and TJ already has Cali in the bag and is looking good for the big show. Everyone gets something...


06/14/2013 09:30 PM
TJ for le tour.
Give froome da broom.


06/15/2013 10:25 AM
The most impressive thing about this stage was Joe D.
cabron fiber


06/15/2013 03:15 PM
Enjoyed watching all the grimacing faces as they chased Dombrowski.


06/16/2013 01:49 AM
Dave I watched that sprint this morning and thought the exact same seemed pretty obvious to me that Rui swerved just enough to upset TJ's momentum. He may have won by a few tire widths anyway but there was no good reason for the swerve. I don't think it's nationalism on my part ... like poor TJ! Most of the guys I root for aren't US riders anyway.
Then again it probably wasn't egregious enough for the officials to relegate Rui, he didn't take him into the barriers, I guess that's racing... TJ had the grace not to throw a fit.
Orange Crush


06/16/2013 12:17 PM
Mollema didn't even contest that sprint because his DS told him they were going for 2nd. Sometimes race radios can be a detriment.

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