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06/22/2013 09:56 AM
Sutton on Wiggins targeting future goals, " Well, the time trial is the one he wants…definitely that. But also definitely Roubaix. Remember, the guy can average well over 300 watts for six hours in power. He is been 25th in Roubaix in the past, he has sustainable power for long periods of time, which is what you need to win something like Roubaix. If you look at Fabian [Cancellara] and you look at the ride Tom [Boonen] did when he won it, that back end, that pure strength riding on your own.. They never actually sat on the wheel and so it ideally suits good time trialists. Bradley is the best in the world at it.

Read more: http://www.velonation.com/News/ID/1...z2Wx8rfhm9

Comparing Wiggins to Cancellara and Boonen is comparing apples to oranges.
Wiggins may be a diesel on the road but can his body absorb the punishment from the paves like Cance and Boonen?



06/22/2013 10:13 AM
He's finished 25th. There isn't that much more punishment from the pave doing the 250 miles and 30 miles of cobbles 5 minutes faster. Riding P-R to win means getting to the pave in better position, therefore having the freedom to ride a better line over the rough stuff. The guy can ride with pain. His showings in TTs, pursuits and the 3 weeks of the Tour have shown us that. He is not my favorite and I won't probably root for him, but I wouldn't rule him out.

Ride On


06/22/2013 12:59 PM
He doesn't have the bike handling skills to make it thru PR in the lead group.


06/22/2013 07:59 PM
If Wiggo puts on a few pounds of muscle again (he's about 25 lbs lighter than he was not so long ago) that would allow him to handle the beating.

Ride On, I keep reading people saying things like that. If you take out the GdI this year and a few cautious moments in yellow last year, I would contend that he is a good bike rider. Finishing 25th requires the same handling skills as the winner, maybe more because the front guys have a clear shot and more space.

As I've said before, I'm not a BW fan but I like that he is doing it his way. People complain that GC guys specialize too much, now a GC guy has some other goals and people are bashing him for that. DIYD-DIYD!

Hey Sky media machine, let's hear less about BW for a while.
Gonzo Cyclist


06/23/2013 08:01 AM
"If Wiggo puts on a few pounds of muscle again (he's about 25 lbs lighter than he was not so long ago) that would allow him to handle the beating. " Exactly what I was thinking jm, he's way too light right now. not sure if he has the skills to hang with a Cancellara or a Boonen.
25th is no joke, but it's a long way from the lead pack, that is for sure


06/25/2013 10:23 AM
Yeah I'm thinking he's way too fragile at his present weight and if he's thinking of chasing podiums on the pave, he would do well to add muscle and bulk. Looking at the consistently high Flanders/P-R placers, they are tough guys who can put down the power AND take a beating. They can crash, get back on and still put down the power. They can flat, then chase back putting out a ridiculous amount of power for a short period. If nothing else, if I were Wiggo I'd want more muscle on my upper body in the event of the inevitable crash onto the stones.
Keith Richards


06/25/2013 02:35 PM
If Johan Vansummeren at 6'6" and 175 can win P-R so can Wiggins.
----- It is his word versus ours. We like our word. We like where we stand and we like our credibility."--Lance Armstrong.


06/25/2013 04:43 PM
I think it is foolish for anyone to make PR predictions based on a rider's power numbers. Holding 500 watts for 5 minute intervals (after already raceing 100 miles) on pavement is a lot easier than on cobbles. Johan V was raised on cobbles...raced the Kermesses as an amateur and neo-pro, and did every Belgian semii- and classic for years before winning PR. Even my wife (born in Gent) rode cobbles to school for 10 years....probably more time than Wiggins has spent on them :-)

I think Wiggins will retire before lifting up that big stone in the Roubaix velodrome. TT Worlds....he'll probably get that one.

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