Phil and Paul may not be great but Eurosport is terrible.
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07/14/2013 02:39 PM
After reading the critiques of NBC's coverage on the forum I decided to watch it on Eurosport HD this morning. As bad Phil and Paul are they are not nearly as bad as Harmon and Kelly. Harmon rambles on about some nonsense having nothing to do with the race while key attacks are happening. It's like they've cloned Duffield. Who picks commentators for Eurosport? And listening to Kelly is brutal, I almost yell at the TV "spit it out already". Now I know why I prefer watching most races in Dutch (Michel Wuyts is awesome) after years I can sort of figure out what he is saying and he always gives the riders names who attack and are in breaks. Too bad I can't get Sporza in HD.


07/14/2013 03:56 PM
It's worth noting that it's Carlton Kirby who is currently calling the Tour for Eurosport along with SK, as Harmon is on some sort of sabbatical (I think). Kirby certainly has his detractors, although you can't dispute his passion. In my opinion, two guys really worth a listen are Australia's Matthew Keenan and Eurosport's Rob Hatch. Both are also active on Twitter.


07/14/2013 04:00 PM
Kirby certainly has me rethinking my dissatisfaction with Phil and Paul - never listened to a man more amused at his own anecdotes the Carlton.

Kelly just has to learn how to dose himself - awkward silence followed by streaming diarrhea of the mouth.
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07/14/2013 05:58 PM
Wuyts is the guy for sure.


07/14/2013 08:25 PM
No love for bobke?
Seriously, I miss Frankie Andreau's color work before he turned into Butters, going way back. Smart, articulate and self deprecating.


07/15/2013 07:07 AM
Way too many freaking commercials. Even thou I record it daily and watch it in the evening, it still annoy the heck out of me that I have to FF every three's more annoying than Phil.


07/15/2013 08:08 AM
15$ for the Internet feed has been worth it. Good high def.


07/15/2013 08:19 AM
For sheer drunken excitement, no one will ever beat the basque commentators (seriously, I swear I've heard beer cans popping open on their internet feed. granted, that could just be a coca cola, but I like my version). And since I can't understand what Kelly's saying anyway, there's no big difference.

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