TdF repeat wins give credibility?
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12/07/2013 11:38 AM
Froome says that if he were to win the 2014 TdF it would give credibility to the sport? I think that if he - on behalf of Sky - won again (making Sky a three-in-a-row winner) it makes me more suspect about something potentially going on. In fact, the fact that we see a variety of riders winning the tours and grand tours instead of a small cadre dominating those races makes me think there is less dope in the peleton.
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Agreed, GJanney.


12/07/2013 06:18 PM
I don't feel the last two Skye wins were "incredible". Wiggins won on a course suited to him, something we probably won't see again in a lifetime, let alone a racing career. Froome came in completely on form with a very strong team behind him. All of his competitors had at least one serious issue. Contador's conditioning, Valveder's very poor decision re: the wheel change that cost him 8 minutes. Quintano's inexperience and the time he lost riding for a teammate. And so on. It was kind of like a New England Patriots team in a good year in the Superbowl with Indianapolis and an injured Peyton Manning. Not even close. And no one would suggest for a second after a very lopsided score that NE had cheated.

Now if Contador comes in spot on for form with a strong, unified team, Quintano is given the lead role, etc. and Froome/Skye does the same thing, I will begin to wonder. (I'll leave Valverde out of this: I don't believe he can find a way to not throw a Tour away.)



12/07/2013 11:11 PM
I dont know why but I dont believe in Froome's win. Just too fast up those hills


12/07/2013 11:13 PM
What a circus.

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