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Orange Crush


02/08/2014 12:22 PM
What Master50 says is typical and in the spirit of the law. But it sounds like on Dunsmuir Street the expectation (and that is different from the law) is different. Watch 1:58 min in, it explains it. Bloody stupid if you ask me. I'll be avoiding that street the way its been set up and would rather duke it out in traffic. Accidents waiting to happen.


02/08/2014 12:25 PM
Not sure about the Vancouver by laws. I'll have to remember to look and see if there is signage dictating that bikes must use the segregated lane. I think there is but I am not positive. To make a left turn at this intersection you are supposed to go across to a green painted bike box on the right and wait for the traffic light to change unless there is specific traffic controls for this. I can check at lunch next week if I remember. Short walk from the office.


02/09/2014 11:47 AM
This is allegedly an eyewitness account. Not what heard on TV.

alright, so my minions have been hard at work scouring the landscape for witnesses to this egregious event and i finally have the information at hand about how this thing went down.

- both parties are heading north on hornby
- cyclist was in the far left lane, not the bike lane.
- cyclist was in the middle of that lane and muthafooking COASTING down the street.
- driver was stuck behind him but decided to just follow and not honk or anything.
- the parties get to the corner of hornby and dunsmuir where there's a red light.
- driver wants to turn left but can't because said cyclist is sitting in the middle of the lane preventing the driver from turning left when there were a few opportunities to do so.

- finally the light turns green, they make the left and the cyclsit cuts over to the bike lane.
- the driver rolls down the window and yells out to the cyclist to stay in the bike lane and then drives off.
- cyclist sprints after him and at the next light the driver stops abruptly (he's caught the red) as cyclist comes tearing up and tries to stop quickly too but hits the brakes to hard and ends up flipping himself over the bars.
- so the driver did not swerve to force him off the road at all.

- cyclsit then gets up and tries to rip the side mirror off the car at which point the driver rolls down the window and tells him to stop.
- cyclist then reaches in to grab something off the front seat and the driver grabs the cyclist arm to stop him.
- cyclist then grabs the papers off the front seat and throws them on the sidewalk.
- cyclist then walks back over to his bike and that's when the driver gets out of his car to get his stuff back from the cyclist (that the driver thought he stole).

so considering the actions of this dickhead cyclist, i think he's lucky the guy only tried to restrain him to get his stuff back and didn't start punching him in the head right away.


02/09/2014 12:28 PM
Andy, this is what 100,000 years of evolution has brought? These are the actions of the most intelligent species on the planet? (Some dolphins and whales may be more intelligent, but since they neither ride bicycles or drive cars, a side by side comparison is difficult.)

Actually, this cyclist is just your "normal" trackie, a sprinter. Just taking in the road/traffic experience to hone his skills. That slow roll down Hornby? Well he lost the coin flip and has to take the lead. Can't go slower than a walking pace, but he isn't required to go any faster. At the turn: an opportunity to force the following rider/driver to take the lead. Driver accelerates. The race is on! Can he catch, sit for a few meters then come around for the win? Brake lights! WTF! This is track racing!

Cyclist crashes as a result of the driver's "dirty riding", using brakes. Any wonder why is irate?

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