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Who is who?
Last Post 05/20/2013 10:04 AM by abe dashner. 37 Replies.
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Sweet Milk


05/08/2013 11:07 PM
If you came from the velonews fori and have a different user name here, could you please post it - that way it is a little easier to keep track! So far (I think): Dale = Watermocassin


05/08/2013 11:28 PM
smokey52 = smokey52
It's my family nickname and my birthyear, so it stays with me wherever I go.


05/09/2013 10:34 AM
zootracer=zootracer. However in really life I'm really not that zoot. Nice to dream though.....
Big DanT


05/09/2013 11:07 AM
Big DanT = Big DanT no need to change it


05/09/2013 11:53 AM
Yogi = LouM Dunno what Yogi meant. Maybe I'll change it to Steelie.


05/09/2013 12:03 PM
Oldfart is my buddies nick name for me. I have ten years on him and still go fast enough to cause him pain. He has kids. I do not. But he'll say, geez you go hard for an oldfart. I used that name on the old old Velonews forum but when they screwed it up and we all had to re register I had issues being confused with old and fat and was banned. It took a while to get back in so I was "Banned" for a while then changed to my real name Andy.
Keith Richards


05/09/2013 12:04 PM
Keith Richards. My real first and middle names.
----- It is his word versus ours. We like our word. We like where we stand and we like our credibility."--Lance Armstrong.


05/09/2013 01:33 PM
Serotta94 = Serotta94
Orange Crush


05/09/2013 02:00 PM
Orange Crush still tastes the best.

Better believe it!


05/09/2013 02:08 PM
Still geosurf.
"When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race." H.G. Wells


05/09/2013 05:28 PM
Still the same.
Cosmic Kid


05/09/2013 05:36 PM
Just trying to be me......still the same.

Side note - if you aren't logged in, people's real names come up as the author of a post, at least on the directory page. When you log in, it reverts to the screen name.

Just a head's up for people that don't want their real name plastered all over the 'net. I changed my name in my profile to match my screen name. First name "Cosmic", Last name "Kid".
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
spin cycle


05/09/2013 06:22 PM
spin cycle = spin cycle

Great to be here, breath of fresh air.


05/09/2013 07:23 PM
Thanks for the tip. I just changed my name too... I'm still the same billygoat as in the VN forum....


05/09/2013 07:53 PM
79pmooney still has his 1979 Peter Mooney and while he doesn't ride it often, it still works. So 79pmooney = 79pmooney.

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