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Health benefits of ridng fix gear - my back!
Last Post 05/16/2017 12:22 PM by 79 pmooney. 19 Replies.
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Nick A


05/14/2017 07:32 PM
I was 15 or so? So I guess I was fearless. The feeling of being 10+ feet above someone down on the apron was awesome to me. This was early 80's, so the bikes were "a little old". They actually rented them. I'm assuming late '70's bikes? Straight gauge steel frames, toe clip overlap to the front wheels, probably 28 spoke rims, tubulars, standard stuff for the day. One guy I was with wiped out and had horrendous friction burns from the wood. Ouch. He got up and started jumping around like someone gave him the hot foot. That was actually my first time on a fixed gear bike ever, so trial by fire. The track is long gone. So sad.



05/15/2017 06:11 AM
When the daughter & I did the NYC Century ten years ago, it included an option to ride on the Kissena Velodrome in Queens (; I'm not sure if it is still part of the ride.) It was fun. Of course, if I did it in competition, I would likely crash and burn.


05/15/2017 09:11 PM
Quick rewind on this thread. I've had good luck with sram thin plastic rim strips. As a life long velox truster I was skeptical, but no longer.
Nick A


05/16/2017 09:45 AM
Thanks for the tip LSD. I do love Velox, but to spite being a bit of retro grouch, I'm not against true-no-downside-improvements. There's something to be said for something that doesn't use sticky-ness to stay in place. My only prior experience with plastic rim tape was with what came with my Mavics. They were great...until they weren't They didn't slowly fail, the kinda started popping like a three hole punch through paper. LOL.



05/16/2017 12:22 PM
LSD, can you peel back the sram tape to replace a spoke? I see that as one of the real Velox pluses. In fact, the biggest downside I see is that some of the tapes are a little too wide and wrap up into the "shelf" for the bead but discovering how easy it is to trim the width down putting the roll in a bench vise and cutting a mm or two off with a sharp kitchen knife, that's no longer an issue.

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