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Just say "WCP, what the heck?"
Last Post 05/19/2019 10:09 PM by Cosmic Kid. 1 Replies.
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05/19/2019 12:55 PM
I swear I am NOT making this up!

The last few days I've been at a sales meeting on the west coast. Annual deal and I get to see other reps that have become friends over the years. Since every company is cheap and treat us like college kids we end up sharing hotel rooms. Luck of the draw whether it's a new guy, a dork, or one of your buddies you get.

This year I roomed with a rep I've known for years. Good guy, he's a hard core cycling enthusiast so we talk races, tactics, riders, director sportiffs, equipment. Anyway, in the course of one of those late evening gab sessions he talked about the time he worked for World Cycling Productions!


Said it totally didn't surprise him and furthermore WCP did not have exclusive rights to all the Euro races. Additionally, "Tim is sort of a d***."
I was dying laughing... heck, my buddy was dying laughing!

He said big film canisters would show up and they'd set to editing hours and hours of film into a manageable length. Occasionally Tim would cut additional time to make it fit what was needed. Sometimes they'd have to edit the edit. "You do realize you cut out the key attack and the race makes no sense without those 30 seconds."

Sometimes Phil and Paul would show up and narrate. It ruined the illusion he had that the two of them were sitting in some booth in Flanders. Instead they were in some nondescript office in Minneapolis.

It was the highlight of the sales meeting to hear him talk about WCP and me give him the VeloNews Tech Talk scandal.
Cosmic Kid


05/19/2019 10:09 PM
Hah...that is awesome!!!
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
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