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Where are all my bikes?
Last Post 03/13/2020 12:17 PM by Evan Solida. 5 Replies.
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03/12/2020 08:44 AM
Looking at one of the FaceBook sites for classic steel bikes got me wondering where my old bikes ended up.

I traded in my first real bike, the Nishiki, and it stayed locally. One of the bike shop guys told me he saw a woman riding it around town. I was happy to know it was still getting used but I wonder about the rest.
Who has them?
Do they still ride the bike that I had so much fun on?
Where did they end up?

Sold these:
Nishiki Semi-Pro
Trek 1500
Kestrel 200EMS
Cadex CRM-2
Bianchi BUSS
Bianchi EV2
Santana Sovereign (gave to daughter)
Bianchi Pista
Bianchi Axis
Focus Mares (broke, warranty)
Haro Flightline 29’er
Haro Flighline 27.5 (gave to son-in-law)
Bianchi Milano
Bianchi Milano (gave to daughter)

Still own:
Co-Motion Tandem
Carl Strong Ti
Carl Strong Fe
Focus Mares
Masi EVO
Ritchey Break-away Ti
Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt


03/12/2020 03:28 PM
Ooooh, what color Kestrel? Please tell me white. I had a boy crush on that frame when I was 14. Yeah, wonder where they all ended up? I mean, they are somewhere, right? Maybe not functioning or in one piece, but they are physically somewhere.

Let's see, here goes:
Trek 700 Hybrid
Trek 1400 road bike
Basso Gap Ti
Cannondale R4000 CAAD4
Quattro Assi ( x 2)
Fort TT
ICE (x 2)
Basso Diamante
Blue RC4-AL
Blue NX7
Blue RX8
Blue AC1-SL
Litespeed Xicon
Cyfac Infinite
Orbea Orca (2007 version)
Blue Norcross SL (current)
Chapter2 Rere (current)

Cannondale M300 (1993)
Trek 8000 ( x 3)
Trek Fuel EX 9
Cannondale Lefty 29 Carbon
Scott Scale 910 Carbon (current)

Good lord, that's ridiculous!!


03/12/2020 05:04 PM
The Kestrel 200EMS was my dream bike too and when one showed up for sale in the classified section of Velo News I called the guy and bought it for, IIRR, $2,000

White, GP-4 tubulars, 8v down tube shifters, Campy Record cranks, Chorus brakes, Campy aero cage and bottle. It came out of Florida and had a straight block 12x19. That got swapped out right away LOL! After I had it a few months I bought a set of Record ergo levers.

Loved that bike!


03/12/2020 09:31 PM
Dale, I got beaten over Smuggler's Notch by a junior on a restricted 5-speed straight block. 15-19? 1977. Kid was from Florida (and good; made something of a name for himself).

One of my last pairs of good sewup wheels was GP-4s. Put 17,000 miles on 'em until I collapsed the rear around an inch on a pothole edge. I'd already gone through the brake track. Bumpy ride home! (I love that going through a rim sidewall isn't catastrophic with sewups.)

Edit: and on topic - I've only sold one bike.  The Fuji Pro I raced.  Hurt,  I loved that bike but it wasn't a weekend warrior and for my post-crash years I did not need to be saddled with a bike I wasn't riding.  Sold it to a kid who had no  idea what he was getting.  Sold it for what I paid, $450.

The rest were stolen (2), crashed (2), dishonorable discharge (2), honorable discharge (2).  Still in my fleet (5)
Orange Crush


03/12/2020 09:51 PM
First “road” bike from 1980 Handed over to sister in 1982 then a cousin. If it’s still alive it’s liable to still be in family.

Gazelle compagnolo record. Bought 2nd hand for 1500 in 1982 sold in 1990 for same price to a kid and his dad. Whereabouts unknown.

Giant Yukon 1993 to 2003. Ridden into ground. Put in back alley. Probably owned by a bum or druggie.

Giant TCX 2003 to 2008. Same fate as Yukon.

Orbea Ultegra. 2009 and still going.

Trek road bike. 2010 and still going. Temporarily ridden by kid but I’ve repossessed it now that Diverge is getting a makeover.

Diverge v1 2015 to 2019. Frame died in Oregon.
Diverge v2 2019. Currently being upgraded w GRX

Of course there was an infinite number of Dutch bikes that were either destroyed or stolen. Also I left one of them against a tree in south France after a 3 week bike trip.


03/13/2020 12:17 PM
Dale, a white 200EMS is to die for. I don't know why I have such an affinity towards that frame. Perfect balance of form, so clean and simple. Could also be because I was geeking out about everything cycling-related at that impactful time in my life. There was one that popped up on Craigslist in Denver a few months ago for something like $400. I should have bought it but it's not like I would have ridden it. Like a classic car, the best thing about them are the memories.
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