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I just set a personal best :(
Last Post 02/28/2021 10:27 PM by 79 pmooney. 5 Replies.
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02/07/2021 09:35 PM
On the trainer with my new Garmin!

4.02 miles in ~31 minutes.  117 calories burned.  Decided that was a good enough effort.   I actually sustained 9 mph for most of it after a slow start.  Spinning a nice pace in 24-19.  And I'm feeling it now!

First post op ride.  Set the bike up yesterday with the new GPS.  (It is now easier to get the full Garmin than buy a cheap, decent speedo!  All I really want it for is entertainment on the trainer while I recover.  I do like how easy it was to put on, turn on and use.)


02/28/2021 01:15 PM
I worked my way up to 9 miles in a session. Did 17 mph for a stretch but got the wake-up call after - way too much! My upper left groin area didn't like it at all. (Nowhere near the surgery but still ...

Now yesterday was both a PR and a first. Outdoors! Rode 1/2 mile north to the MUP, 4 miles of MUP (2 quick stretches on roads in traffic) and back. Elevation. (200'?) On the Mooney fixed, 44-19. Really easy! That bike is such a comfortable, stretched out position for fix gear climbing that I can "loaf" up almost anything.

I felt it afterwards! Same groin location. Good thing is both the mesh area and the entry point for the surgery felt fine. Went to bed on one aspirin, slept like a log, feel great today and am considering a road ride on the TiCycles (with its 500-38-24 and a 28 in back)!
Orange Crush


02/28/2021 01:18 PM
Good luck w recovery trajectory Ben.


02/28/2021 01:26 PM
Thanks! I have the leg strength. I just have to remember I am not allowed to use it. I've started back in weightlifting also (at equally ridiculous low weights). Friday shoveled a 1/2 dozen wheelbarrow loads of compost. Feels good but I have to remember that if my wind is coming up or any of those other wonderful sensations come up, it's time to "back off!! - You're going way too hard!!"
Cosmic Kid


02/28/2021 10:19 PM
That’s the beauty of getting your first Garmin...almost every ride becomes a PR for awhile!!!

Keep up with the recovery Ben!!
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02/28/2021 10:27 PM
Did a real road ride today! On the TiCycles. 15 miles! Feeling it. Left upper groin is sore now but will probably be fine by morning. Tired! I feel like I did a hard 60 except no sore muscles. Great to be back on the bikes outdoors.

Funny, this long! ride was to a mile short of where my rides used to "start"!
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