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Major Taylor Iron Riders
Last Post 08/13/2021 03:10 PM by Dale Dale. 2 Replies.
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08/13/2021 12:00 PM
I just read the VeloNews article by a member of the MTIR on his discovery of the mountains of Europe, then the design of three jerseys to honor Blacks who died at the hands of the police.  Inspiring and sobering.

Aside - I am just learning Windows 10 and touchpads with no left and right mouse keys.  Teh internet is a whole new experience!  (Sometimes very frustratjing.  I hav eno idea how to highlight a text link to open it!)

So I opened VeloNews for the first time in quite a while (partly because there's this race starting tomorrow).  Ran into the section on MTIR.  Wow!  This is stuff I've wanted to see for a long, long time.  Black riders finding the escape through two wheels that was mine 55 years ago.  Now finding roads where they can ride without fear.  Doesn't say much for us that they have to cross an ocean to get to them.

I may purchase one of their jerseys.  Probably won't wear it much.  This is Oregon which was due to come into statehood as a slave state.  Where there are many property deeds still that prohibit selling to Blacks.  A KKK state.  Where I've had very deliberate very close passes by pickups and trucks.  Also these jerseys are near invisible.  One is primarily black, one with the range of Black skin tones and the best, visibility-wise has white shoulders but is dark below the ribs, ie dark for following drivers. (I'm kinda passionate about wearing highly visible jerseys to improve my chances of sticking around.  Filled my quota of big ones already.)

Any of you in contact with Keith (Richards) Jackson?  I'd love to hear his thoughts.  If you are, invite him back!  (Not just for this.  I miss him.  Tell him so.)


08/13/2021 02:46 PM
Cool post
I’ve had good luck riding in redneck areas with a jersey with a large American flag on the back. Most of those guys won’t throw a beer can at the flag.


08/13/2021 03:10 PM
I bought a John Deere jersey from a forumite way back in the day. It's my golden ticket out in the sticks.

Another one that kept me in the back woods good graces is an orange leaders jersey from the Kansas City Boss Cross cyclocross series from a few years ago. The jersey features the sheriff from Dukes of Hazzard, the orange General Lee car, with 'Race Leader' horizontally down both sides. It's tacky as all get out and to my relief doesn't have any confederate flag nonsense. I quit wearing it a year or so ago since it still evokes the south but I always got honks and waves when I wore it.
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