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apocalyptic smoke/haze
Last Post 06/07/2023 09:03 PM by Orange Crush. 4 Replies.
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06/07/2023 04:19 PM
OC, Is your part of Canada burning? We have smoke and haze here in NY, mostly from Quebec. Not good cycling weather.


06/07/2023 07:18 PM
What are the top imports from Canada to the US? You can look it up on the internet: certain raw materials, paper and wood products, professional ice hockey players. No mention of fire smoke. The internet is out of date.
Here's a useful site: Quebec is the main source of US smoke at present.
Orange Crush


06/07/2023 08:37 PM
The east coast having fires this bad this early is a first from what I can remember.

For west coast this is business as usual. 22 fires in BC and counting.

Smoke exports travel both ways. When California, Oregon or Washington are burning we suffer if the wind blows from south, as it did.


06/07/2023 08:55 PM
Vancouver is relatively protected from the sad to say new normal never-ending Canadian wildfires. Residents know they have it good, and I dare I say are willing to pay for it.

Invasive critters have turned zillions of prone softwoods into dead softwoods, converting zillions of acres (hectares if you prefer) of Canada and parts of the US into fire prone softwoods. Is global warming a factor: yes. Invasives: yes for sure, maybe even more than a warmer climate but not for sure.
Orange Crush


06/07/2023 09:03 PM
Minor correction. Vancouver is protected by mountains from fires that happen to our north and east. But if fires are to south in US, the mountains acting as a barrier make things double bad as has happened on a number of occasions. That tracker website you posted is good I use it all the time.

Yes you don’t want to know the value of my property LOL. We bought it for cheaps really but that was 20 years ago.

Yes climate change, pine beetle, our tendency to plant monoculture lodge pole pine for timber value are all contributors. As it happens there was a good article on it this morning
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