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What kind of spectator are you?
Last Post 08/18/2013 07:48 PM by Kenny Gonzales. 14 Replies.
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07/19/2013 12:15 PM
-stand and cheer
-take photos
-run alongside the riders
-dress up and try to get on tv
-hold a huge flag of your country

The race goes by so fast and most people are trying to take pictures.  There are so many pictures on the web and what are the chances that your picture is going to turn out?  I'm more of a stand and cheer type and let the pros take the photos.

I think the running might be ok when there is no one else around but if I was standing there and someone ran past right when the riders were going through, I'd probable deck them.  Shows no respect for the riders or the fans.  I'd probably stick my foot out in front of that clean bottle.  Sorry dude.



07/19/2013 12:21 PM
i'm a pusher, if i'm strategically well placed


07/19/2013 12:51 PM
If I waited all day for the race to come past and have some dope in an alter outfit run past and spoil the view my foot might develop a twitch and alter-boy would be on the ground.

My son-in-law loves it when a rider punches an obnoxious fan.



07/19/2013 12:54 PM
I'm like the guy in the blue, just go there to trip idiots.



07/19/2013 01:33 PM
None of the above should also be an option CP. I went to a race in Greece years ago and it sucked. You wait all day and in a flash it's over, without really getting to enjoy any of it mainly because of these drunk obnoxious buffoons. It's so much more civilized and enjoyable on the couch. If I had my way, I would mace every single jack a$$ running alongside the riders and then tattoo their forehead with “Instant A$$hole”.


07/19/2013 02:07 PM
+1 Dale and Inferno7

Picture taker, but I am also a hobbyist. That said, I would not be on a final climb - more likely a descent. years ago, 1986, I watched the TTT at the TDF. That is a good event to view, as are TT's in general. But a sprinter stage? I would be at the bar / cafe watching it on tv, and step outside when they passed.
Orange Crush


07/19/2013 02:46 PM
Tough crowd. I am one of those crazy Dutch. Would probably be trying to get the keg to give up that lost drop of beer and miss the hole event.

Only saw the Tour once as a kid with my parents. We got to the Madeleine late and only managed to get a bit up the hill. Two hours of caravan (it was long anyway) and couple seconds of race. Booooring.

My only other life experiences with the peleton are seeing the guys take a piss in the ditch outside the village where I grew up, the annual Amstel Gold ritual. I've been a cyclist and ditch pisser ever since.


07/19/2013 06:21 PM
I hear from first hand accounts that being in the crowd on Alpe D'Huez or Ventoux is huge. I am also looking forward to viewing some of those videos shot by hand held iPhone cameras while the donkey runs along. Yeah. That's work. Don't need no steady cam. I think they need to have the army tackle these oafs. Drunk and screaming is one thing but gtf off the damn course. Too many collisions or near collisions this tour.


07/20/2013 03:19 PM
We like to bring our cowbells and find a spot mid-climb. If someone is struggling I may run alongside cheering and offering water if they look like they need some. The biggest races I've been to is Tour of Cal. The scrum on L'alpe doesn't interest me. Now the Champs tomorrow would be cool to see.


07/20/2013 03:50 PM
inferno, thanks for that photo, it made my day! I would love to see the video of that! All asshats should be tripped!

To answer Chinook's Q, I'm a stand and cheer kind of fan. Of course I take my cow bell to 'cross races.

EDIT: here's the youvid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ls3NxXSb1K0


07/20/2013 04:46 PM
If I could, I'd wear orange and hand up beers. OC, it's up to you! We used to get almost 100k in downtown Richmond for the Tour duPont circuit race. That took years to build up. Hope the 2015 worlds reach that level.


07/21/2013 05:18 PM
well, figure that most of the crowd arrives one or two days before the peloton passes through and most of them are pretty wasted by that time....


07/22/2013 09:24 AM
I ride up to near the top, usually to the top then back down, just short of the crazies. Wait an hour or 2 for the riders, it would be crazy to go up the night before (or earlier) unless you had a camper to watch 15 min of entertainment.


07/22/2013 11:53 AM
Excellent jmdirt, just bloody EXCELLENT.
Gonzo Cyclist


08/18/2013 07:48 PM
love that photo inferno, the look on that dip$4it's face is priceless!! More Cowbell jm!!!!!
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