Bike theft take down
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Best bike thief story?

A young man walks into a bike shop staffed by one 70 yo duffer. Takes a look at a high end bike. While the shopkeeper has his back turned, young man races out the door with his conquest, a several thousand dollar road bike, jumps on and is gone. But the duffer grabs his bike, probably a time honored steel bike, and goes in pursuit. After a while, young man looks over his shoulder. That old man isn't far behind! He steps it up. But that old man isn't quitting! Several miles later, an exhausted bike thief hits a pedestrian and crashes. Old man pulls up, dismounts and stands guard until the police show up.

The old man? John Allis. Could have sustained that chase another, what, 20 miles?



02/11/2014 09:27 PM
I love happy endings.


02/12/2014 10:05 AM
Nice! John Allis one of my heroes from long time ago. Wet Winterale.

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