So the Tuesday night ride...
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05/08/2019 03:12 PM
About 20 guys show up for a 24 mile, 1,000' climb pretty brisk ride.
I've only finished with the lead bunch when the fast guys aren't there, last night they were.

The usual group shows up; three teams represented and a few generally fast guys who don't race or aren't with a club.
One mid-50's guy, new, shows up.
A bit paunchy, flat bar road bike... uh oh.
I introduced myself, he mentioned he missed the Monday ride so he thought he'd come to this one.
Monday is the slow, beginner 15 mile ride one of the shops host.
It gets a great turn out; 40 - 60 show up and they make it fun.
Tuesday is not fun

I told him this ride is a bit more brisk than Monday's ride.
Yeah, he said he figured this group might do 18mph and he's used to 13 or 15. (ohboy)
I told him I try to hang on as long as I can and when I can't, I ride by myself.
"Well, I'll just end up with you then.", ok...

I don't think he made it 2k

Very happy that on the first climb, a 3 minute solid effort, I stayed with the group.
Took my turns at the front, and just felt solid the whole evening.

On the second riser the two Columbian kids went to the front... they don't weigh a buck thirty... and just killed it!
A split and I'm with the back group.
Two of us caught two more and then we worked together.
Dropped one guy off the back, and with 500 meters to go my right shift cable broke.

Came in 50 seconds behind the front with a 21.9mph average.

Best effort to date on that loop

Midpoint I was at the front taking a pull and saw three chickens on the side of the pavement and dutifully called out, "Chickens up!" and made some racket to shoo them away.
Two moved right, one moved left.
I clipped the stupid poultry but only grazed it.
The chicken appeared to be unhurt and I didn't go down so no harm, no fowl
Cosmic Kid


05/08/2019 04:10 PM
LOL....that was a great ride report. Sounds like some of the Gila pain is paying off now!!

As for the guy who showed up that reminded me of an episode many, many years ago when I was managing a shop in DC (and may have shared this before)....guy came inot th shop abd bought a new road bike (Specialized Allez IIRC) and also a bunch of gear...he joined our club, bought jersey / shorts and new Giro Air Attack (this was '92, so you can picture what that lid looked like). He said he would join us for our team ride the next Saturday..."Great!!"

He shows up and, sure enough, he has the lid on backwards. "oh jeez...." Everyone is looking at me to fix the issue. Crap. So I roll up to him all casual..."Hey, glad you made it...great to see you!! *hand shake and then drops voice* Hey, you might want to do a quick 180 on the helmet." "Oh, yeah...right, right." I stay there and chat with him for a minute, just acting like it was no big deal and happens all the time. Then he says "OK, I'm gonna warm up for a couple of minutes". He rides off and is never seen again....not that day or any day in the future. *poof*.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
Orange Crush


05/08/2019 04:48 PM
These experiences are a little different from me and my kid last year, where on local HC climb on first ride he drops me on km 11 of 12 and in second ride he drops me in first km. He's like those Columbian light weights that Dale had to contend with. On one of our Tuesday nighters he wasn't quite with our club's fast climbers but not far behind and doing much better than me.

That aside, similar to flat bar and backward helmet incidents, on one of his first solo rides he drops chain using front shifter and unable to fix the issue he walks home 5 kms. I showed him later how you can get chain back on while riding. He's fast but a lot to learn still.

Will see if he picks up riding again this summer when school is out. For now it's 1.5 and 3 km track distances. He also ran a half marathon again last weekend in 1hr 37 mins, having not trained anything longer than 3km. The way he put it, it was his worst paced race ever. In the first km he found himself among the male elite runners. Until km4 he hung with top elite female. Then died and "jogged" the rest LOL.

Next year he'll run it for third time as 16 year old, and first time actually so (and legally so). I signed him up for the local Triple Crown event (an HC climb, one cat 2 and one cat 1; total 100 kms); he will have two weeks to train.


05/08/2019 05:45 PM
Posted By Cosmic Kid on 05/08/2019 04:10 PM
LOL....that was a great ride report. Sounds like some of the Gila pain is paying off now!!

There is no way I'm realizing any fitness gain from four days of racing and elevation, but you nailed it--> Gila pain.

There's nothing like racing to plumb the depths of how badly you're willing to hurt yourself.
Once you've marinated in the pain, doing it again is less intolerable.

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