The 1979 Peter Mooney
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11/16/2021 04:47 PM
The Mooney's getting spiffed!  Right now the diamond is at Ticycles for a 3rd set of WB bosses and have the RD cable housing guide rotated from the chainstay side to underneath.   (I hit it with the Pedros Trixie fix gear wrench when I flip the wheel unless I pay close attention.)  I've talked to both Peter re: decals and Ben (?) at Black Magic Paint who I am going to see tomorrow with the fork to pick a color and get in line.

Well, I looked at Peter's photos.   (Nice work!)  I'm almost certainly going the gold outlined black PETER MOONEY lettering.  Thinking of adding his wings just below where a 531 sticker would be on the seattube (to stay well clear of the pump).  "Pete", the bike's name, in black script on the TT forward right.

That leaves one issue if I ever go back to derailleurs.  I love the SunTour DT shifters that came out in the early '80s that sat in the top-mounted box.  Both the auto-correct ones (ingenius and wonderful to use) and the Superbes that are just traditional shifters; as good as any ever made and that wonderful access.  (Plus both are knee-knock free!  I have vivid memories of climbing hills like Boston's Summit Road in my 13-19 FW and knocking the chain onto the 13.)

But ... this bike has the then, fairly new under the BB cable guides.  Cables run from the top-box shifters to underneath guides drag on the paint and decals.  For the past 35 years I've had a turks head knot like we made in camp between the WB bosses to hold the cable off the paint.  Micky-mouse but it works superbly.  I could do it again.  Second but ... this is the nicest craftsmanship anything I've ever owned. This bike has seen me through the hardest years of my life, been my link to sanity.  I've spent 50,000 miles and a lot of hours in its saddle.  It has done this on a real budget.  The cost of the frame to me was about 1/7th of what it would cost now.  The beautiful Ed Litton paint job I'm replacing a smaller fraction.  (Single color, no clear coat.  OMG has it held up well!)

So I've been toying with splurging.  Clearcoat - a given.  Black or gold pin stripes for head and seat lugs?  And I just had an idea - how 'bout a metal wrap in copper (brass or bronze) or gold (!!) around the DT between the WB bosses so if I ever go back to derailleurs that's done. No more turks head, just a neat band standing out from the paint.  Put a nice round on the corners and it will look like a man's wedding ring.  Yes, cables will scratch it but they will also draw the eye away.  If they come off, the scratches will buff out easier than titanium.

Another approach would be to use a velodrome style TT protector if I can get around the DT being bigger diameter but that has little class. Yes, cheap like the bike has seen so much of but no.


11/16/2021 08:04 PM
Shifting with the knees... loved pulling off that trick. Stand up on a climb, swing the right knee in a bit and tap the DT shifter just enough to nudge it down a cog, and *BAM power away! We had a little road race series back in the day and I used that move to get into the minds of more than one guy.

Good memories


11/16/2021 11:05 PM
Dale, that's cruel! (I wouldn't have the touch to get just one cog.)


11/17/2021 09:33 AM
Or, reach over and drop your buddy's chain to the small rear cog on a climb. Dumbass kid stuff, but good for a laugh.


11/17/2021 04:17 PM
I want to see pictures before and after please.


05/22/2022 08:20 PM
So 6 months later, the Mooney is snazzed, painted and decalled, the triple chainring back on and fully spiffed. Working super! Well, the HS adjustment is a tiny bit loose. I have a stiff Shimano brake hanger on it with rolled down edges (for that stiffness) and it's not easy to get the HS wrench in and after I sock the locknut down, I cannot get it out! I have a probably not quite so stiff brand new DiaComp with no roll down which I am going to try. (Heavier but with a nice QR.)

It is currently set up 46-13, 42-17 and 36-21 (hills) or 42-17+, 42-anything for the flat. (17+ because that cog is flipped around. At 17t, the chain hits the spokes but since there is zero speed difference between the two, there is no wear, friction or noise, just a little denting. I've been riding my flat routes on the 17 and 18.

Well today I took it out to do what that gearing was made for. Bald Peak Mountain by the tough approach. I knew this was going to be way, way past anything my body is ready for! Completely mosied the 14 miles to the climb base. Stopped and moved the chain onto the 36-21 and started up. 4.6 miles and 1400'. I've never seen a gradient breakdown but the first 600 feet are a bear. Then its easier to the ridge saddle. Follow the ridge to the high point with a short steep, then a longer steep that is cruel. When I was 8 years younger, it was August, not May and I was doing the work for a hard Cycle Oregon, I rode that on a 42-21 fixed. Hard! but doable. Today? I loafed as best I could. Made absolutely no effort to go any harder than I had to. That final steep was hard! And just kept going. Yes, the grade was coming down but my legs were gassed. The final trivial pitch my breath broke down to almost sobbing.

Long stop at the mountain top. Felt much better when I got back on. Mosied the ridge as best I could on the flat ground gear, then put it in the big one for the way down. Just "coasted" in a nice big 94" gear. Nursed the gear over a couple of rises after the bottom to stretch that fast and few RPMs as far as possible. Stopped at a farm market for two shots of espresso (I went up on three!) and chocolate covered cherries (drugs!) Started the last 11 miles home and reality hit. Like doing so many bench presses that I couldn't get 20# off the stand, my legs had nothing! 20' climbs at 4% were killers. 10'ers - out of the saddle and breathing hard.

The bike! It's a keeper. This is the best configuration its seen (and that includes club riding on sewups, mountain climbs, weekend self-contained touring, off-road, off-road fixed. As a road fix gear it is simply a sweet ride. The mountain gears means it can go almost anywhere its paved. And soon, it is to be sewupped (sewn up?) and another notch more versatile. The 30c Vittoria Corsa on the GP4 front wheel is ready to go. The bike's fit is right on! I, never thought about it once today. (Medium drop pistas, Tekro V-brake levers - big! my hands love em, "14" Nitto Pearl - quotes because this is center to perp. of HT centerline, not top of bar to top of bolt, so a very long 15" traditional measurement. My position is open, very comfortably stretched so deep breathing is very easy. Likewise hard pulls on the bars feel natural.

A long, hot shower, blue corn chips, hummus and garlic chile sauce, 90 minutes sitting down compoosing this post and I feel much better. Think I'll wander to the kitchen and peruse the next course (now that I am recovered enough to stand that long!)
Cosmic Kid


05/23/2022 09:10 AM
For the love of god....somebody teach Ben how to post pics so we can finally see all these bikes!!!

Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


05/23/2022 10:22 AM
The Mooney's gonna get ridden to the painter for photos so you will see it.

I have a great photo of Jessica J in action at Cycle Oregon taken by the CO photographer. JPG on my computer. How do I migrate it to a post?

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