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10/14/2009 06:53 PM
So, In the middle of the summer I built up my brand new SuperSix frame, took it out for a test ride, caught my pants on the bottle cage and ripped the bosses out of the frame. $500 and 2 months later I got it back from Calfee. Last night I caught my pant leg again on the bottle cage of my CAAD9. Ripped the bottle cage in half. Now I realize I should stop catching my pant leg, but If I do, Is it too much to ask that the frame be able to take it?


10/14/2009 09:38 PM
haha, I don't mean to be smiling Brian, but you have some strong legs and some strong pants. I do agree that the frame should be able to hold, unless it's unfinished or damaged carbon.



10/15/2009 08:10 PM

The legendary Bob Roll had the same issue, and as one would expect, he came up with a brilliant solution:



10/15/2009 09:27 PM
no bottle cages?!!


10/16/2009 04:28 PM
LOL, that's awesome, I would try it, but I'll be sore for a long time, and not from legs.

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