undercarriage issues
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06/03/2013 09:37 AM
ahem, well this is awkward. i am hoping some of the older, wiser riders on the board can help with a sensitive matter.

over the last week to 10 days I've noticed a generalized tingling in my gentleman's part. low grade, not acute, but it is persistent. not unpleasant just always 'there.' all types of, er, function, seems to be normal and unimpeded.

symptoms suggests mild paresthesia. may or may not be due to lots of saddle time. Prostatitis may be another cause but haven't noticed anything amiss down there either (god that $hit sounds horrible).

anyone else experience this type of thing? does it go away with a bit of rest? saddle adjustment?


06/03/2013 11:05 AM
JA - Not sure if this helps , but first when I got into road riding there was a Master races at my LBS that taught me to use a level for adjusting my seat. He told me that even a degree or two of inclination in any direction will cause eventual discomfort. That is one golden rules I've always followed, you may want to check and see if your seat is absolutely level. I hope nothing serious otherwise.



06/03/2013 11:26 AM
Sounds like pressure on a nerve. My body started changing in my 40s and seats that worked for 20 years no longer did. For me, the seats with grooves and/or cutouts were a godsend and allowed me to keep riding.

Second, I agree with k on the value of just the right saddle tilt but we are so different that I don't think you can just say it must be any given number. For me, one of the most valuable things on (almost all of) my bikes is a two bolt seatpost. They allow me to set the tilt, then vary it out on the road by say a 1/4 turn down by the nose. Too much? Back an 1/8th. And so on. Being able to make changes and go back exactly to where I started also allows me to make a big change for a saddle sore (for example) and go back a week later.

Yes, 2 bolt posts are a pain to set up and get close. And every adjustment does take more work. BUt keeping that frame of reference and being able to make the most important adjustment on the bike accurately? Big, big, big.



06/03/2013 11:34 AM
Most likely caused by saddle position, or perhaps you might need to look at a different saddle.


06/03/2013 11:50 AM
yes, i love the two-bolt Thomson seatpost on my mtb for just this reason Ben. May have to look into that for the road and 'cross bike.
Orange Crush


06/03/2013 02:13 PM
The only time when I had similar symptoms was my first year of riding seriously. Hurt to take a leak, pretty painful, I can still remember it. I never made any adjustments, it was merely a matter of time spent on bike and getting used to it. After about a year symptoms went away. Zero problems since.

I guess the question you'd have to ask yourself is what changed to cause this problem, time on bike, adjustment in position or something else? Is it an old seat, time to replace?
Keith Richards


06/03/2013 04:24 PM
I always say that when it comes to seat comfort, it is really a scootch here and there.

Ben and myself were talking earlier about how we both have our seats a little off center for comfort reasons.

I also mention at times like this, when is the last time you treated yourself to a new pair of shorts?
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