Waiting on justice
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09/17/2013 09:22 AM
There was a bad acident here in VT on Sunday. An annual ride to promote bike awareness and safety of all things. Two loops, 10 miles and 30 miles so many recreational, not serious riders. The loops toured through various area farms. A line of three cyclists was hit when a car coming the other way crossed the center line. Police have made it clear they were riding single file along the right side of the road and were in no way at fault. The first cyclist ended up imbedded in the windhsield, and after the car took out the ohter two, it shot off the road with the cyclist still in the windshield, where it slammed into an apple tree, ejecting the cyclist into the tree. The lead cyclist and a 15 year old girl in second spot were badly injuured, he's still in critical condition. The third cyclist was clipped and received lesser injuries. The driver, admitted to being drunk and having gotten high before 11:30 a.m. accident, claimed he passed out at the the wheel. He has two DUI convictions dating back, one in the mid 1970s and one in the mid 80s. Has an arrest warrant pending from missing a court appearance on a 3rd DUI charge, and has not had a license since it was suspended in the 70s after his first conviction. Charges could lead to up to 60 years in jail and the judge just denied a request to reduce bail from $50,000. We'll see what happens.

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