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09/18/2013 08:58 AM
Are you at the show? What's new and cool?
Gonzo Cyclist


09/22/2013 12:13 PM
hey jm, sorry for the slow response, no, not there, the owner of the shop that I work at went, he said hot stuff seemed to be the new cross bike offerings from a lot of people, especially the new Volagi Viaje Ti bike. But then said the new Santa Cruz and Pivot stuff is very cool.
I sold the squish bike, and now I'm going to build a new Ritchey P-29er, thought about the P275, but I am leaning towards the 9er. I know you were checking these out, and you were actually the one that brought them to my attention, I'll keep you and the rest of the crew posted on the build. Thinking about an X-fusion fork, but a good buddy of ours is the national sales Mgr for Magura, so I could get a smoking deal on a fork, and then some white Magura brakes, etc....should be cool!!

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