Martyn Ashton paralysed
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12/10/2013 09:48 AM

Martyn fell during a trials display and is paralysed from the waiste down. Tragic accident to such a talented person.



12/10/2013 10:19 AM
Very sorry for him.


12/10/2013 10:42 AM
Some background here....
Cosmic Kid


12/10/2013 11:30 AM
Horrible news. Here is hoping they can get him to recover.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


12/10/2013 12:33 PM
I'll take a different slant on this. It is an opportunity for him; an opportunity to do far more good in this world than he ever could have done as a stunt rider. All he has to do is show up, do the work in front of him which will be lots for years, hold his head high, not get discouraged and put himself out there as an example of how life can be lived to the fullest when life doesn't hand you the cards you wanted.

I know a little about this, both first hand and as a close observer. In 1977 I had my head injury and at the same time, a woman I barely knew was having a tumor removed from her spinal cord. The doctor had to cut into it to remove the tumor completely. A year later, I was coaching her and going for walks with her on her crutches, driving her the same way i drove myself to get back into bike racing. In three months, she could walk two miles on Boston streets in March. We went our separate ways to rebuild our respective lives, staying in touch. Her life and health have not been a rose garden, but she is one of the most upbeat people I know.

I don't feel sorry for her. I have never said I did. And for her, that is freeing. From me, she gets understanding and love, but never pity. At her next low, I can look her in the eye and say "this sucks" with a bit of a smile and she gets that I know where she has to be to get thorough it.

Maybe a miraculous recovery is the plan for this young man. Maybe the big plan is a very different life than he ever imagined. Either way, it is an opportunity. Yes, he is allowed to have real sorrow for hwat he as almost certainly lost. but I will not feel sorry for him (and I doubt he would want me to).



12/10/2013 12:42 PM
Shit that sucks....l hope he can attack this setback as he did those impossible obstacles in his videos. Many of those obstacles look totally un-rideable as life may seem to him today. But who knows. I hope he finds the strength to persevere and find his new trail. Good luck Martyn


12/10/2013 02:13 PM
That sucks. Hopefully, he can recover. Any recovery is a bonus. Medical care is better than it ever was. In every bad situation there is always some good that can come of it. I hope he finds it.

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