Went to Ti Cycles website tonight
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01/09/2014 01:32 AM
Impressive.  It's been through a major upgrade and is impressive.  And there's a lot of fun stuff to look at.

Hard to say what I like best.  I've seen the car replacement bike that there is a lot of discussion of and it is impressive.  (A cargo bike that can handle a cargo of three adults and handle just fine.)  I think one of his nicest bikes is the simple steel track bike.

I was turned onto Ti Cycles soon after it first moved to Portland and was a one man operation.  It was suggested that Dave Levy could build me a custom stem.  I knew what I wanted (having been through the routine of making a older stock $400 bike work for me before).  Dave built me that stem, a steel 180 quill, then a 175 quill to replace the original custom when I crashed that bike, then a 155 to improve my Mooney fit.  Then the time came for me to get a ti custom.  Picking Ti Cycles was a no brainer.  Dave built me a bike like no other that 6 years later, I still love.  But I had been riding that bike with an Avocet seatpost with the post replaced with ti.  It did the Avocet thing and the clamp broke.  A year later, I had a custom post with far more setback so it is now centered on the rails and a second identical post to put on the ti fixie he was then building for me.  Oh, and somewhere along the line, I used my loan from China for a ti stem for the first ti bike (aka the good bike) to replace the Ritchie stem.  Completely not needed, but nice.

Dave also repaired the cracked seatstays on my '83 Trek winter bike.  Much better than new now.  Only way you can tell he did anything (now that it is painted) is that the "r" in TREK on the right seatstay cap is filled in .  Bike is now a T EK.  (That was the crack I saw.  Dave pointed out another on that side and a third on the other side.  He also told me they would be there over the phone before he saw the bike.)

Thanks Dave. 




01/09/2014 10:58 AM
cool stuff but he could use some help modeling his bikes.

Contrast this from his "ultralight road" page:

and this

with this:

Nick A


01/14/2014 08:48 AM
I saw they have a two weekend bike frame building class. Hmm? Vacay?


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