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George H is coming out out with a book
Last Post 04/30/2014 11:15 AM by Doug Sheppard. 8 Replies.
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04/29/2014 05:32 AM
I wish they would stop taking a step back in time and just go away. Why why why why must they justify what has been ridicule to all cycling fans. This is insulting this late in the game.


04/29/2014 09:35 AM
Will he be with The Man in the Yellow Hat?


04/29/2014 09:53 AM
Clothing line must not be doing very well.


04/29/2014 10:21 AM
I hope his spa breaks him financially...and his cat runs away
Cosmic Kid


04/29/2014 11:58 AM
Before everyone starts with the inevitable "he is cashing in" comments, Hincapie has reportedly donated his advance to youth athletic initiatives, as well as any future proceeds.

Not excusing him in the slightest, but at least he did something decent with the $$$.

That said, I am so tired of the "why are we the ones getting blamed for the entire culture of doping in cycling" one has ever said that.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


04/29/2014 04:14 PM
I take it as his attempt to re- write history as he would like to believe it. If you see some of the excerpts it seems like he is still falling on his sword for Lancy boy.
"More of the poor us stuff, if only they treated everyone like they treat us, we were only doing what everyone else was doing" Just more revisionist Bull$4it


04/30/2014 10:08 AM
He should just write a huge check, that should be his only association with the sport


04/30/2014 10:27 AM
Just so we are clear: everyone was doing, postal wasn't the worst, and Frankie started it.
The Short White Guy™


04/30/2014 11:15 AM
Posted By ChinookPass . on 04/30/2014 10:27 AM
Just so we are clear: everyone was doing, postal wasn't the worst, and Frankie started it.

LOL! You better watch out for "his old lady".
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