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Keep LA in the Books?
Last Post 07/17/2014 09:10 AM by inferno 7. 11 Replies.
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07/16/2014 10:05 AM
Cosmic Kid


07/16/2014 10:22 AM
I think the idea of having no winner for those years is flat-out stoopid....especially since we know all those below him also doped.

Mark the years from the early 90's to 2010-ish as the Blood Doping era, certify all the results and move on.

But, realistically, I don't see how ASO could ever reinstate -7 for those races.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


07/16/2014 10:48 AM
show them with an asterisk*


07/16/2014 11:48 AM
Wow, what a muted reaction compared to the past.
BTW, I agree.


07/16/2014 12:39 PM
"Why does Virenque still have all his polka dot jerseys?" asks Roche.
-Because he is French

You note the riders who say reinstate or dodge the question and it is all riders that I question their cleanliness.

Fignon said he doped. As did Riis. Last I checked, they still were listed. I think the tour has two reasons that it doesn't want to put him back up.

1. Personal vendetta
2. If they did reinstate him, then maybe other champs would come out with a "dirty little secret" which really would taint the history of the race (that everyone knows already).

I think Indurain should come clean. Mercx too (he used whatever they had at the time and actually was caught). Who cares, it is such a long time ago. It may help clean up the sport going forward.

Omerta lives...


07/16/2014 12:46 PM
Time for the asterisk to be attached to known dopers and a question mark to everyone else
Cosmic Kid


07/16/2014 12:49 PM
Posted By Dale Dale on 07/16/2014 12:46 PM
Time for the asterisk to be attached to known dopers and a question mark to everyone else

Oh, I like that idea even better. part & parcel to this idea is an amnesty program. Give riders the chance to willingly come clean and their results stand. If they dopn't, and are later found to be have doped, then their results are wiped and it goes to the enxt person in line. If an admitted doper dopes again, then it is an immediate lifetime ban.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
Orange Crush


07/16/2014 01:48 PM
Leave it to De Telegraaf to cook up a survey this stoopid. They often get good inside scoops but also like stirring the pot. I do however like the tidbit that two former winners were too old to answer the question.


07/16/2014 02:25 PM
gets back to the beauty pageant that is former dopers (aka: omerta) and how they're handled. Its completely qualitative

Talk and bitch about your bust = career done. blame is on your seester (Basso) or be the wet dream of every French housewife (Virenque) and all is good

As far as -7, this is yet another PR job. He's still trying to control the narrative. Only this time he doesn't have an army of interns on the internet (livestrong) or the bully pulpit (cancer) on his side


07/16/2014 03:24 PM
Personally, I don't care even a little. I enjoy watching the races. What happened two or ten years ago and who is in the books does not matter to me at all.


07/16/2014 10:11 PM
Do we want to restore Floyd and Alberto for the post victory removals too ? Bye bye Oscar and Andy - you guys really weren't / aren't the winners after all; return your trophy's, give back the mailot jaune.

That said - Jan was a steroid machine and another podium finisher had a spouse caught driving banned substances over the French border. And dozens, yes dozens, of others from all nationalities were caught at different times from Miller to Rasmussen to Menchov and others very very strongly suspected.

Restore the finish order at the time the race was completed. Put as many asterisks in the books and admit that there probably are substances that the new riders are using or trying that haven't yet been detected. The substances we know about - yep, they are testing like crazy for them. The ones the labs haven't yet identified or detected - there's bound to be some 'mad scientist' cooking up the next 'go-go' juice somewhere.

Things that were banned in the past are perfectly fine now - caffeine being one.

Enjoy the races, the sprints, cobbles, climbs, downhills and time trials for the entertainment and amazement at what human determination can do (whether that is all 'natural' (define that somehow) or enhanced (diet, chemicals, altitude tents, just plain old hard work and training via the best coaching money can buy or better technology) Yep, you could call technology a cheat unless you put them all on the exact same bike with the same gearing, pedals, cleats, etc. Some unnatural advantages no one questions, others get everyone all worked up.


07/17/2014 09:10 AM
Give Floyd and Lance their wins or abolish the entire race, as in there was no race. The UCI was 100% complicite and pinning the fraud that was known as pro cycling on two guys........BULL HOCKEY !!

The Armstrong thing is OVER hell he wrote the forward in Emma's book. He has been exposed for the lier he was, now its time to get over it. I think he's paid the price for calling someone a "fat pig". And that's what used to get to me so much is the lie, and that's over.
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