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Fuentes willing to talk
Last Post 05/24/2013 01:25 PM by Bob Vermeulen. 9 Replies.
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Orange Crush


05/10/2013 11:26 PM
For about a $100k that is...

Question is what news will he bring to table.

He's mailed a list of 17 possible topics of conversation to newspapers, ranging from the 1992 Ole Games, Champions League, to "positive tests that should not have been and tests that should have been positive".

It seems like that guy that cannot be named, Fuentes just needs to feel he's relevant so we'll hear sooner rather than later.

aahhh, the Dark Side; this feels good


05/11/2013 01:35 PM
spain just needs to turn over the blood bags - phuck phuentes.


05/11/2013 06:33 PM
Never happen.
It would touch the untouchable: soccer players.


05/11/2013 11:08 PM
Agree with LSD, since soccer players are involved, nothing happens.


05/12/2013 07:34 AM
tennis players too
Yo Mike


05/12/2013 10:06 AM
Cyclists are the whipping boys, the bad examples....not enough money to protect the sport from the anti-drug efforts
Orange Crush


05/12/2013 10:20 AM
IMO it was the 1992 Ole Games that made Fuentes virtually untouchable. That turned Spain into a mini DDR with state-level OK.
Orange Crush


05/24/2013 11:07 AM
Posted By Hot Habanero on 05/11/2013 11:08 PM
Agree with LSD, since soccer players are involved, nothing happens.
Use of EPO by Juventus players in 1996 Championships finale against Ajax was revealed this week...


05/24/2013 12:59 PM

Who is Nadal? Can I have Federer for 1,000? Names that have joko in them for 500 please Alex.

The big money boys behind soccer have done a good job of keeping things almost quiet but I think that the lid is rattling. I'm not sure why tennis has stayed under the radar. Maybe not enough people care. All endurance events have hemo enhancer question marks just like power (not motor) sports have roid questions.


05/24/2013 01:25 PM
I remember when Nadal first came on the scene, one look, one judgement, I don't believe I was off the mark at all on the kid. That super pumped up muscle bound look, on a tennis player, at age 18 or so, okey dokey.
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