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Astana is being shown the door
Last Post 03/04/2015 11:08 AM by ChinookPass .. 7 Replies.
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02/27/2015 08:11 AM
Cookson continues to clean house.
I can't remember who predicted it (was it OC?), but the other shoe is dropping, with Astana being pushed out of the World Tour.
Rather than cut and paste the article, here's the cyclingnews link:

Once this is done, predictors, who is waiting in the wings to get their spot?
Yo Mike


02/27/2015 10:00 AM


02/27/2015 11:42 AM
"drinking time at the last chance salon"......
Orange Crush


02/27/2015 04:21 PM
MTN might be a candidate to take the spot but more likely they'd leave it open.

I think the only proclamation I made when everyone was calling for immediate removal of Astana was that Cookson was going to take his time to avoid another Katusha. I guess he feels he's got the evidence now from Padua and perhaps also CIRC, although this is only a request, not a done deal yet. In meantime lots of uncertainty for riders.
Gonzo Cyclist


02/28/2015 07:37 PM
Astana is/was dirty? Well duh..........
Cookson is just playing a well thought out game, dude should run for office in the states, Sad part is, I think Vino is smarter than Cookson.
Nick A


03/01/2015 03:11 PM
Thanks for the link. Good read. Hey! I feel compelled to post, lest this site dies from lack of participation! LOL.

Nick A


03/01/2015 03:12 PM
You could put Horner, Alexi Grewal, Jens, etc. on AARP backed team.


03/04/2015 11:08 AM
I would bet Astana makes it through the year in the top tier. It's hard to take away a license once it is awarded. Also, money talks in pro cycling.

Is it just me or is the new CN site awful? Now they have an unreadable format to go with their decaying content.
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