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murder by terrorist
Last Post 11/01/2017 10:37 PM by smokey 52. 4 Replies.
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11/01/2017 11:07 AM
My heart aches for the victims of the immoral terror on the NYC West Side bike path. Some of the mangled bikes were rentals from Blazing Saddles. A large segment of their rentals are to out-of-town tourists. Several of the victims were from Argentina and one from Belgium. My daughter rides and runs on that path. How can anyone think this brings glory to God?


11/01/2017 11:40 AM
"How can anyone think this brings glory to God?"

By first believing there is a god...

It's easy from there.

Terribly sad, demented and primitive.


11/01/2017 12:07 PM
Religion is the leading cause of the loss of life for the history of humanity.


11/01/2017 09:12 PM
Indeed. Inspires so much greatness and magnanimity and yet so much terror and ignominy.
Is this what we are?
Time for a ride to clear the head, and if I'm lucky to bare the soul.


11/01/2017 10:37 PM
Hab- Actually, birth is the leading cause of loss of life. Everyone who is born will die. Religious strife may be a factor in early deaths (cf. Ireland Catholics v. Protestants), but these are subversions of religious principles, not expressions of faith.
LSD- Yes, a ride to clear the head. I would have taken the West Side bike path, but it's closed for a while due to an investigation.
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