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Where does LA rank in the doper catagory?
Last Post 06/12/2013 09:00 PM by CERV __. 13 Replies.
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06/08/2013 08:05 PM
Trying to get some discussions going Baseball is talking about suspending 20 players. NFL is announcing suspensions on a regular basis, Federer & Nadal are attracting comments. Soccer is always a question. People still gush over Pantani but he was as turbocharged as anyone. Where is the outrage over everyone else. Not an LA fan anymore but is he really any more of a jerk than A-Rod or some of the others. We need more Tim Duncans


06/08/2013 08:16 PM
The LA difference is not how much he doped but how he savaged people who even hinted that he might be juiced. The list of his targets is substantial: Betsy, Walsh, Emma O'Reilly, LeMond, etc.
Orange Crush


06/08/2013 08:45 PM
Check out the chart I posted here yesterday in Bob's Lemond thread:



06/09/2013 09:55 AM
A bit off topic, these responses show the hugely more civil atmosphere in this forum compared to the nastiness and vulgarity at Velonews. This is better. Please let's all keep it this way.
PS +1 Dale
Gonzo Cyclist


06/09/2013 01:18 PM
LA took it to Mafioso tactics, very dirty and crooked as hell. One thing for sure, all of these guys, LA, A-Rod, Jeter, etc.....is that they have monster egos they need to feed, and they all think the world evolves around them, and they are beyond the rules.
A 100 game suspension is a JOKE, if baseball really wanted to clean up their image, these guys careers should be done, and they should be made an example of, but...........for the owners, mgrs. etc, greed trumps all ethics


06/09/2013 02:26 PM
OC, I thought the Alpe d'Huez chart in the link you posted was very interesting.
Orange Crush


06/09/2013 03:42 PM
Yeah I thought that was an interesting "who was the most souped up" chart. Of course, that doesn't tell the whole story as per what Dale pointed out. And back to the OP, I've always said that compared to other sports cycling has a bit to learn when it comes to omerta.



06/10/2013 11:23 AM
Gonzo, unfortunately these over paid athletes like A-Rod etc... draw the crowds to the stadiums. Which in turn makes the owners happy. The fans need to step up and stop attending theses games (which will never happen) until they clean up the sport. Me, I could care less who's juicing and who's not. PLAY BALL!


06/10/2013 11:44 AM
I'm with Dale on this one.


06/10/2013 02:40 PM
The US players (baseball, basketball, football) have made arrangements via their unions, to do everything they can to prevent drug testing. The owners certainly don't want it since it would mess their multi-millions, sometimes hundred of millions invested in various players. The fact anyone gets caught is just lack of sophistication on a players part. As I understand it, they only get tested 3 times a year - immediately preseason, random in-season and immediately postseason. That leaves half a year to do whatever they want. Since high school kids are doping to enhance their chances of getting noticed by scouts, it's unlikely they stop once part of the chosen few.


06/12/2013 08:43 AM
Did A Rod try to ruin lives and careers ? I think not, still trying to figure out if Lance is "unique"
or just the same as everyone else? lmFao.

My position on LA is he has now paid his price it's all good. But what he did was wAy beyond being a dick to a waiter, or giving an autograph to a date (Jeter) the morning after. As far as doping. All major sports and Olympic sports, skiing through ice hockey should adopt first strike out for an entire season 16 games NFL, 162...ect. Second strike out for good.
Orange Crush


06/12/2013 04:21 PM
"‘The Boss’ only manages sixth place in our palmarès. He looks almost like a bit-part player next to ‘king’ Miguel Indurain"...


(LOL - that statement's gotta rattle the boss)
The Short White Guy™


06/12/2013 08:53 PM
Ahem, (cough) East Germans (cough).

I'm not excusing what Lance did, but the East Germans (might as well throw in the Russians and now the Chinese) had a more sophisticated and larger doping program in sports.


06/12/2013 09:00 PM
VN illustrates this ranking again. Surprise.....Greg Lemond is the gold standard, everyone else is a doper.

The thing that I don't like about it is it automatically casts doubt on any record ride ever done. There's no accounting for the fact that someone has to be the most talented and then, by definition, able to put out more power than others. Also. how do they know exact rider weights on any given day? how much drafting they did on the climb? how much water they're carrying, etc, etc?
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