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Horner's VAM
Last Post 09/24/2013 07:43 PM by bob etzler. 62 Replies.
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09/24/2013 03:10 PM
Hey, Entheo,

Heisenberg, I mean Bob, needs those guns to fight off the bad guys, er uh, good guys, crap I'm confused!

And Bob, watch it with the selfies or we'll have to rename you Carlos Danger.


09/24/2013 03:56 PM

No, he was stoked for the old dude. He said that with a smile and a laugh (and about 5 more f-bombs and a few c-words that I left out). His F cycling was more that cycling wasn't as important as getting the next piano to the 10 th floor for him and his family (real life).

Hardly a day goes by that I don't have a colleague say "I wish I could stay fit (lean, skinny, muscular, healthy...) like you". They usually have "that" tone that I somehow I magically keep fit. The cool thing is that I never think of it as working for it, quite the opposite, I feel wrong if I'm not being active. Its my way of life.


09/24/2013 07:43 PM
JM,My apologies, I get a bur under my saddle anytime I hear (or I think someone figures) you'll need a walker,viagra and a hearing aid after 60. I'm happy to have retired from construction after 30 years without too much collateral damage.

Confession, I do have a hearing aid but seldom use it.
You are not authorized to post a reply.
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