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Joe Lindsey's Interview w/ -7
Last Post 12/13/2013 09:12 AM by j t. 5 Replies.
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Cosmic Kid


12/12/2013 05:19 PM
I really hate to dredge up -7 again, but this is more meant to throw props to Joe Lindsey than anything else. Great interview w/ -7, IMO. Some pretty pointed questions. Nice job, Joe!!
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


12/12/2013 06:28 PM
can't read all that crap again.

I don't seem to recall Lindsey ever getting much access to -7 back in the day. I wonder how he felt about finally getting access now that it is meaningless from a sporting perspective.
Cosmic Kid


12/12/2013 08:00 PM
Joe didn't get much access because Joe wouldn't play by -7's rules. And I think he is perfectly OK with that.

He and Pelkey stand out as journalists amongst a bunch of suck-ups and sycophants.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


12/12/2013 09:42 PM
The fact that lancie pants still has a home in Aspen is a good indication that he hasn't paid out enough money to those he defrauded.

Nothing new in this interview.


12/13/2013 06:36 AM
he proclaims parts of the reasoned decision are untrue, then a couple questions later admits he's never read it or even a summary thereof... huh?


12/13/2013 09:12 AM
still blaming others and saying the comeback was his fatal mistake. moans about the bikeheads being too intense. No that contrite, he should just shut up and go away forever. Hopefully he goes bankrupt

He was right about one thing, the reasoned decision is way too conveniently worded for many people that testified - particularly the Garmin crowd
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