Building Muscle and Gene Memory
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02/20/2014 10:26 AM

Great article about how “muscle and gene memory” are created, how they function, and how their memory can stay active up to about ten years even after the fitness has faded one study claims, now if you add PEDs to the formula while training, the article argues that your muscle and gene memory are built while on PEDs, so year or two later you start training w/o PEDs then in theory you are activating the memories you built while on PEDs and hence advantage dopers who no longer dope (putting physical fitness aside).

I don’t have a problem believing the theory of building muscle and gene memory, as every spring it takes me about three to four rides to be able to ride eighty miles in about four hours without pain, whereas it may take an entire season for novice rider, so that part is kind of self-explanatory, it’s the second part that has me on the fence. Great read thou nonetheless, it makes you think.



02/20/2014 12:41 PM
I make no claim to know the mechanics, but I have believed for a while that the gains made with EPO, etc. are long lasting. I believe the riders of those years have bodies that are no longer "what God gave them"; that, say, racing as masters now against those who have never doped is not an even playing field.

(So I guess I am glad that if I d o decide to pin on a number, I'll be racing in the 60 and over age group. 1988 would put my competitors at 45 years old; not in the pro ranks and therefore not likely to have done a whole lot of EPO. Of course, pinning on that number would show I have lost still more brain cells. After all my crashes, I have NO business in a field!)



02/20/2014 01:20 PM
It's amazing to read the reactions in that article in reference to the possibility of long term advantages...

“I didn’t dope that much. It was just a few times. It didn’t even help that much … but it’s crazy to think that there’s some long-term effect or benefit.”

“Me and Christian… we never trained as hard as we train now.”

Well... What else would you expect them to say ; )

Lifetime bans should be the rule - regardless of if this is true or not. Either that or have an all-doping allowed division of the sport.

Clean racers should be allowed to race other clean racers, professionally and at the amateur level.

I'm tired of constantly speculating on who is clean and who is doping - takes away from the legitimacy of the sport.
Keith Richards


02/20/2014 01:57 PM
In the EPA we have two terms that come to mind regarding this.

The first one is chronic. Nobody knows what the effects of chronic use of these products are on the human body long term. For anyone, especially a cyclist with no science and toxicology training, to make a statement regarding long terms effects of use just makes me roll my eyes.

The second term is aggregate. Again, nobody knows what the aggregate effects of training AND specialized diet AND performance enhancing drugs are on the human body long term.
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