Another doping report
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09/11/2017 06:35 PM
From Holland

The accused rider says she didn't inhale.
Orange Crush


09/11/2017 09:28 PM
Saw that. Not surprised. There had always been rumours.

The part that pisses me off is the doc. So he was obviously an ass back when he administered doping. Now he pretends that he's a good guy now "cause something needs to change in cycling". Sorry dude you're a 75 year old rat who's throwing people under the bus so you can clear your conscience before you crap out. I hope they go after him hard. But then he's conveniently hidden away in Thailand.


09/12/2017 10:50 AM
Yes, hard to miss the Thailand part. Convenient place from which to hurl stink bombs.
By a wild coincidence, the "Olympic channel" was airing Sydney footage last night, with extensive and dramatic coverage of the rider in question. She was successful, then anorexic, then simply unbeatable when she came back. One of the Sydney podium shots was telling - another woman on the podium was covered with acne, like she was on testosterone.

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