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09/10/2013 09:43 AM
Anyone read this yet -- copied from VNews. Can we change leadership now maybe? This summary of "A Report on Corruption in the Leadership of the Union Cycliste Internationale" (The Report), which has also been referred to in the media as "The Dossier," is being provided as clarification to some of the misperceptions surrounding The Report. The individual providing this infonnation has seen the entire Report consisting of 54 pages and 26 document exhibits, and helshe has knowledge of the individuals described in detail in The Report. The release of this summary was not directed by anyone who commissioned or owns The Report. The individual providing this information has been told that the reason the entire Report as not been made publicly available, is because it has been turned over to law enforcement authorities for follow·up. The Report was investigated and written by two senior law enforcement and intelligence officials who claim to have more than 60 years of investigative experience, They claim to have been assisted by an internationally known private investigative firm with offices across the globe, The Report claims the following: 1. There is testimonial and documentary evidence that in the late summer of2012, Pat McQuaid and Hein Verbruggen solicited what amounted to a bribe of 250,000 euros from a named procyling team owner. The monies were allegedly for the UCI to help further promote the named team, and cycling in general in the country of the team and team owner. The named team owner declined to pay the requested monies. 2. There is testimonial and documentary evidence that neither UCI nor its private promotional ann known as Global Cycling Promotion, S.A. was officially involved in the solicitation of the funds, and that the funds were supposed to be paid to a specifically named front company located in the UAE, involving a named secret bank account with ties to a named finance company in Switzerland. 3. There is testimonial evidence that when employees of another named professional cycling team tried to involve UCI in a disagreement with team owners over the failure ofteam owners to pay employees, UCI instead became involved in a corrupt relationship with the team owners and allowed the illegal non·payment of salaries to continue, The witness who provided this testimonial evidence claimed to have documentary evidence of this corrupt relationship including documents from a named international accounting firm that were altered. 4, There is testimonial evidence that after the rider Alberto Contador failed a doping test in 2010, UCI tried to engage in a cover-up of the failed test in exchange for money, The witness


09/10/2013 09:45 AM
who provided this testimony advised the efforts were not successful because the media became
aware of the story before the cover-up could be completed. The witness claims there are other
witnesses who can provide corroborative testimony.
5. There is testimonial evidence that in 2009 when Lance Armstrong was making a comeback to
cycling, he had not been in the UCI doping testing pool for the previously proscribed period of
time. Mr. McQuaid agreed to a bending of these rules, which allowed Mr. Armstrong to ride in
the Tour Down Under for an appearance fee of $1 million and in exchange, Mr. Armstrong
ab'Teed to ride in the Tour of Ireland for free - a race he otherwise would not have participated in.
Further, that Mr. McQuaid benefited from this agreement because his relatives or friends were
involved in directing the Tour of Ireland. The witness claims a personal, first-hand account of
these facts.
6. There is testimonial evidence from more than one witness concerning the well-known 1999
Tour de France urine samples that allegedly eventually contained evidence that Mr. Armstrong
failed doping tests, and that Mr. Verbruggen arranged for a friend of his, Emile Vrijman to
conduct the independent review and report about the incident. Further, that Mr. Armstrong's
personal attorneys wrote and edited portions of the report so they were most favorable to Mr.
Armstrong. It is further alleged that Mr. Armstrong helped pay for the report. One witness
stated that there is email evidence between Mr. Armstrong's attorneys and UCI officials, which
prove these facts. There is testimonial and documentary evidence that the night before Mr.
Armstrong appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Mr. Verbruggen was very concerned these
events were going to be disclosed during the interview of Mr. Armstrong.
7. On 18 May, 2013 at approximately 1500, Mr. McQuaid was interviewed extensively for
several hours by the two investigators about the allegations in The Report. The Report states he
denied all of the allegations, but the investigators claim there is testimonial and documentary
evidence that he lied about his knowledge and role in the allegations. Me. McQuaid has never
disclosed that he was interviewed during the investigation, and that he knows the nature of the
allegations as contained in The Report.
8. On 8 June, 2013 at the UCI Management Committee meeting in Bergan, Norway some of the
contents of The Report were disclosed to and discussed by Management Committee members.
Mr. McQuaid said he was going to bring the allegations to the UCl's Ethics Commission for
investigation. 9. During the week of 10 June, 2013, there is testimonial and documentary evidence that Mr.
McQuaid communicated with at least one of the members of the UCI Management Committee
and demanded a copy of The Report so he could personally refer the allegations concerning
himself to the UCI Ethics Commission.
10. There is testimonial and documentary evidence that On 29 June, 2013 at approximately 1700
in Corsica, France, Mr. McQuaid was given an opportunity to read the entire report and ask
questions or make comments concerning the contents of The Report. The investigators claim
that he spent approximately one hour reading the report, making notes. and that he asked no
questions, and made no comments.
11. There is testimonial evidence from more than one witness that after Mr. McQuaid read The
Report in Corsica, France, he communicated with Mr. Verbruggen about the contents of The
Report. Further, that Mr. Verbruggen then contacted several of the witnesses in The Report in an
apparent effort to distance himselffrom Mr. McQuaid.
12. It thus appears the recent statements in the press last week by Mr. McQuaid that he has
never seen The Report are false. It appears the statements to multiple witnesses by Mr. McQuaid
that he intended to bring the allegations he was aware of in The Report to the UCI Ethics
Commission are false. It appears the statements by both Mr. McQuaid and Mr. Verbruggen in
the press last week that they have not recently communicated, and that Mr. Verbruggen no
longer has anything to do with Mr. McQuaid or UCI, are also false.


09/10/2013 02:33 PM
This so called dossier could have been released a couple of months ago but it is kept secret until 18 days before the election? That should raise a few flags about the credibility of the accusers. I have come out as a supporter of McQuaid and I admit my support has wained a lot but these accusations are intended to fling more dirt than substance.
This is pandering to the flow of bad publicity aimed at Pat and many people will love that it feeds their dislike for the UCI. I think if these accusations are provable they would have come out several months ago when the russian and the US federations started squawking about it. Anytime this kind of stuff emerges this close to an election is is because the stuff is thin and mostly unprovable. Be careful about deciding this is a smoking gun. I am in no way accusing Cookson of any nefarious involvement but he is a puppet candidate and I believe is running in good faith but he is being backed by people that hope to pull his strings. I have no idea the ability of Cookson to actually direct the UCI but if he is elected, look for the puppeteer. Even Pinocchio was freed to be his own person. Regardless of who you like in this election it is going to be a very dirty election and we may discover we led the charge to give the power away to other even more corrupt interests.
watch the Russian, He is the one that worries me the most. His interest is power and money and not the sport.


09/10/2013 03:31 PM
I was also wondering that if other parties knew of this alleged corruption, why did they not come out sooner? Not that I support Heiny and Patty. Houses in desperate need of a good cleaning if you ask me.


09/10/2013 04:02 PM
I always find it funny that "power" and "money" can be associated with bicycle racing. Those are about the farthest things in the world from the sport I know locally.
Orange Crush


09/10/2013 06:09 PM
This is starting to sound more and more like a Hang 'Em High rerun. Except the actors aren't nearly as convincing in their roles as the Clint.


09/11/2013 08:10 AM
Did anyone read the Cyclingnews interview with Cookson on MTB? I think the sport could use some new direction but I have to say that from the interviews and articles I have read from Cookson... He can barely put a thought together. I am hoping he turns out to be a great leader who just doesn't interview or write well.


09/11/2013 10:36 PM
Time for a new crew, it just never ends.


09/27/2013 08:52 AM
Cookson gets it, wonder if McQuaid will actually step down or hire some mercenaries to stage a coup?
Cosmic Kid


09/27/2013 09:49 AM
Thank god.....

Hopefully this signals the beginning of significant change within the UCI.....but I am not overly-optimistic on that issue. There is no doubt an ingrained system of cronyism within the UCI and that is gonna take a long time to eradicate.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


09/27/2013 12:00 PM
It sounds to me like Cookson knew the contents of the dossier from early on but did not want it to come out before the election (and in fact, I seem to recall reading that weeks ago). It is very hard for me to imagine that the reverse would be true if that dossier was as damning for Cookson and McQuaid had read it last summer.



09/27/2013 12:42 PM
Three words: Change is good.

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