This is a situation that leads to doping
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Ride On


10/07/2013 06:31 AM
Ride On


10/07/2013 06:35 AM

With so few spots on teams this year, if you are an avg rider what are you going to do? Hold on to the high ground or roll the dice. Riding is all you know. It's all you've ever dreamed of. There aren't a lot of openings out there. The pressure has to be high on these kids. Yes kids, most of them. I feel for them


10/07/2013 08:40 AM
Take the high ground...its really not that hard. I agree with you though, it might make a few kids roll the dice.


10/07/2013 08:41 AM
a few months ago someone on this board (or the old one) wrote articulately about how the sport needs to be restructured so as to give teams & riders more protection, revenue sharing, mitigate the 'everyman for himself' environment where teams & riders have no safety net whatsoever beyond yesterday's results. let's see if cookson can address some of this, but i'm sure he has tons of cleaning up to do before he can move on to these meta-structural issues.
Cosmic Kid


10/07/2013 10:11 AM
Well, the lack of job opportunities right now is not gonna make someone start to dope. Too alte to make a difference this year....

Now, if their season starts out sucky next year.....then, yeah.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!
Orange Crush


10/07/2013 04:37 PM
Some restructuring is already underway (promotion-degradation being more predictable) but the revenue sharing problem is a difficult one to solve. But a simple rule change for team sponsorship might go a long way.

Discontinuation of sponsorship should be announced one year ahead of time. This gives teams the time to find new sponsors.

Essentially the way Rabo pulled out, guaranteeing money for another year. Meanwhile i just read David Beckham had $26M in personal sponsorship in 2012.

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