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top ten reasons there are few posts on VN forum
Last Post 03/06/2014 03:01 PM by ed custer. 9 Replies.
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03/05/2014 01:39 PM
10. potential new members hating on each other over at the CN forum
9. everyone is out base training
8. too busy posting cat memes and photos of their dinner on FB.
7. well, -7
6. too many postings of ti bikes. What do you want me to say? "Nice paint job!?"
5. doping, they all were doing it. Oh I see now!
4. the culture war is over.
3. Ben-on-Jessica-ride-porn leaves us speechless.
2. Bob's out of the bike flipping business and isn't posting any yummy new builds.

and the number one reason there are fewer posts...
1. shimano vs. campag/campy is settled and shimano won.
Orange Crush


03/05/2014 02:05 PM
Good one.

My vote is on #8 but you forgot "fighting tea-party deamons on FB" (Hab)


03/05/2014 03:09 PM
I got on the podium!



03/05/2014 03:40 PM
I wanna see a meme of -7 with a pancake on his head.


03/05/2014 03:46 PM
#1 explains why I'm about to start using Campy. I'm always so out of phase with this stuff.
formerly dkri


03/05/2014 05:35 PM
#1 - I must obviously avoid conflict - I ride SRAM, Campag or Campy if you wish, and Shimano - sometimes on the same bike ; )

#2 - Maybe Bob needs is hoping for some $ contributions to his hobby of creating bike porn for us.

That's it, I'm tired...



03/05/2014 08:04 PM
#8 best cat meme ever:



03/05/2014 09:49 PM
Just to clear up a misconception, work in progress. I'm not just sitting on my duff.



03/06/2014 08:35 AM
Bob -- thank you. Finally some bike porn. Its so shiny!

Jaques that cat is awesome!. Needs a shorter head tube tho

I think I'll go start some threads


03/06/2014 03:01 PM
Maybe we could take turns being a total A.O. for a day to make things more interesting....

I'll start. I only ride my Shimano bike in the dark when no one can see me...
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