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Vote! 'Velonation Migration' topic sticky
Last Post 05/21/2013 11:56 AM by Ronald Gibson. 9 Replies.
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05/17/2013 03:26 PM
Did our beloved KR do it?
Yes, he has brass balls! (11)
No, he would never abuse his power! (2)
Thanks for the idea, J_A
"When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race." H.G. Wells


05/17/2013 03:49 PM
did KR do what?


05/17/2013 04:32 PM
BN, someone made The "official" Velonation migration thread. A sticky on the Velonews forum. 7 Non-TDF spears of lancy-pants is full of righteous indignation over it.
"When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race." H.G. Wells


05/17/2013 04:49 PM
LOL. brass balls indeed. really liking this new forum. it's like first day of school.


05/17/2013 05:04 PM
probably referring to the sticky thread back "there" to promote the new home over here.

It's cool and props to KR, but I've seen ballsier.


05/17/2013 06:07 PM
nice on the sticky there - that's great - was a bit out of the loop

I do not miss how a couple of people - or 1 douche with multiple log-ins' F-ing up a forum. I can be a dick and confrontational sometimes, but by the beard of Zeus, not like those trolling comeguzzlingdirtybleedingbuttsluts (to steal a phrase a friend has used).


05/17/2013 06:43 PM
I don't see how it would be an abuse of power. Nelonews doesn't seem to care, they are probably just as happy.


05/18/2013 08:44 PM
He has brass ball! ;}


05/19/2013 08:49 AM
i wonder if velonews has even realized what's happened yet. unlike steve, no one in an official capacity over there cared; i can remember only one time in many many years someone on the payroll posting something (other than pelkey)


05/21/2013 11:56 AM
Entheo, I was wondering the same thing. To go even further out onto a conspiracy limb....the banner ads are the revenue stream for them, the ad rates are based on 'hits' to the site, the spam registers as a 'hit' just the same as a legit poster, so why would they care? As long as the advertisers don't actually visit the site and realize they are being duped, VN continues to rake in the $$$$. Am I totally crazy for thinking this might be likely? It would sure explain a lot of the recent VN forum history.
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistant one. -Albert Einstein
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