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Completely political so beware
Last Post 01/22/2021 10:36 AM by 79 pmooney. 137 Replies.
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Cosmic Kid


01/21/2021 12:50 PM
Btw the steady stream of Bernie memes in his old coat and hand knitted mittens is a whole lot of unscripted awesomeness.

Agreed....except for this one, which will require therapy for me to move past it.

Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


01/22/2021 12:50 AM
Basic Instinct....


01/22/2021 10:36 AM

Posted By Orange Crush on 01/20/2021 09:01 PM
Ben - good points and good goals but it will take a vast amount of work to get there. Symbolism is nice on the day it happens but ultimately doesn’t yield results in and by itself.

This is a good read on progress that was being made in MLK days which got stopped in its track and to a degree got reversed when trickle down Ronnie started stirring politics.


OC, the bigger setback than Ronnie was losing Malcom X. Reagan had the power, but if at every step, the Black world got the hear Malcom X's take on what was happening in DC, I am quite sure things would have been different. (And we would have heard that from the mouth of someone who could out-speak Ronnie in any debate!)

But to current - the changes coming in Biden's 4 years. If he just starts a new era like Reconstruction, an era that lasts like Jim Crow did, starts the new conversation, he will have done a lot. And I don't expect this to come from his executive decisions but he has already started it with his VP choice. Shown it with his inauguration choices. If he just acts as bandaid man and placeholder, but paves the way for Kamala or another with vision and helps this nation come to accept that things are changing, that Jim Crow is finally dying and those who cling to it are going to fall behind, he will have done a lot. In real terms, probably as much as MLK or X. (He is not remotely one of those men but I think he gets that he is in one of those rare places to make a difference.)

We will see, He might just be a politician (and yes, a pretty good one) or he might have some of Jimmy Carter's heart AND the political skill to pull stuff off. And, yes, this is going to get ugly. This is going to threaten everything for our biggest minority, the radical right. But unlike our other large minority, they can "go to the other side", something only very light skinned Blacks can do. Eventually many of them will figure out life is better over here. Sadly, this is something for my nieces and nephews and their offspring to see. I might get to see the very beginning.
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