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I am spending a lot of money this summer!
Last Post 08/19/2013 11:17 AM by carl x. 21 Replies.
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08/17/2013 05:27 PM

Posted By SideBy Side on 08/17/2013 05:15 PM
What are the brushes in the sauna for?

probably either to sweep out the ash drawer of the stove or baste oneself in olive oil (these barrels with wood burning heaters can evidently get up to @ 300 degrees F)


08/17/2013 07:23 PM
More money to spend: Most of a grand on tracks and racks. I may ultimately go hitch and rack also, but I need plywood capability now. ( have early '90s Yakima hardware and it looks that they use the same tubing so that's a break. And, my driveway! It was poured concrete from some previous millennia, engineered around the ground clearance of horse drawn wagons. My high Corolla All Trac was a blessing.

Monday my car will go to get racked. I'll get on my drafting program, pull up my driveway, measure my car and see how many inches have to get ground off the high and if any concrete is left. (The first inch is already done by those expensive grinders known as "sedans".)

Oh, rack fun. Went to the towing yard to empty my car and take home the racks that were on full time for the kitchen stuff. Strapped them to my bike with inner tube and rode home. Overall length of the bike went up several feet and I could only turn the bars maybe 30 degrees, but at speed it was fine. (They were Yakima racks with galvanized pipe much wider than my car that I used to cartop the boat on.)

cycling chick


08/17/2013 10:39 PM
I am a teacher so I don't get a paid over the summer but that doesn't stop the kids from wanting to spend our "summer" money.


08/18/2013 07:38 PM
We have 2010 prius and I had a 2006 prius they drive ok but the seating geometry is all wrong for me. I can't stand it after two hours - my shoulders and neck are aching from the weird steering wheel to seat configuration. The steering wheel is set quite low. I have to set the seat close and the back nearly straight up We had a corollla before that and I never had a problem. no variables in adjustment seem to fit me in that car. I'm 6-1, so not out of the ordinary.

Gonzo Cyclist


08/18/2013 08:07 PM
That is too cool bonbswire, put it on wheels like some of these "Mini Homes" I have been checking out lately!!
well, most of mine,( money) is going to bikes fortunately, getting ready to build a new Ritchey P29er', working on a Cinelli Mash Cross single speed also, a new bike for the wife because of her hip replacement, new wheels for the Ciocc Volpe carbon cross bike, (going tubeless), new KUAT bike rack for the 4Runner, these things are bitchin' by the way, maybe a Santa Cruz carbon squish bike, but I need to sell the 26" squish bike 1st to pull this one off!!
We have no bills whatsoever, the car's paid for, the house is paid for, and the wife's surgery has not cost anything because of great insurance, and she is Native American, so that kicked in also, the only thing I need is more time, which can not be bought for any price
Yo Mike


08/19/2013 10:26 AM
Very cool (so to speak) little getaway, Entheo! I am thinking we will get some winter weather here this year (SE PA), and I am seeing a lot of Canada goose activity already. Oh, yes: need to get our 2 year old furnace fixed, too......!@#$%

Spending money? Wedding ring, wedding party, and car maintenance (brakes, timing belt on Forester).

Ben: look into one of these for hauling plywood or ladders, etc: http://www.extendatruck.com/

I have one, and it works great. I built a ~50 inch wide cross bar out of 2x3 that I U-bolt to the existing front crossbar, so I can carry 4 foot wide stock without it shifting side to side (large eyebolts set vertically at the ends as stops, and others horizontally as lashing points).


08/19/2013 11:17 AM
i'm trying to talk the girlfriend into letting me get a new bike. she wants to go on vacation. i'm also trying to talk her into letting me move to portland for a year or so. all of these probably cost more than i want to afford.

that's a cool looking sauna. i bet you could build one without a kit if you've got the tools. i built a canoe using that same bead and cove construction from scratch. no clue on the cost savings but i bet it was half of what the kit cost. i already have a sauna. it's called summer.
How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.
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