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is it cold where you are?
Last Post 01/30/2014 07:40 AM by entheo genic. 22 Replies.
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01/07/2014 09:10 AM
20 degrees at my house this morning and i'm about 10 miles from the gulf of mexico. maybe the cold will set back the mosquito population.
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01/07/2014 09:55 AM
Just above freezing here and raining


01/07/2014 10:03 AM
brutal here in chicago; -10. we finally start to come out of it this afternoon
Yo Mike


01/07/2014 10:45 AM
It was 1*F this AM at my house, coldest I can ever remember anywhere, any time. Wind was brutal overnight, too.

Very thankful to have R16 in the walls, and a garage for the car.
Sweet Milk


01/07/2014 10:50 AM
47F Yesterday, 9F Today - a little crazy. Not as cold as last week though...


01/07/2014 11:12 AM
I'm not sure that the cold has any impact on mozzie populations. The mosquitoes are thick in the Cascades every summer and they are under a dozen feet of snow for 6 months of the year.

Hang in there folks. This is a winter the old timers in the midwest will recognize.


01/07/2014 11:47 AM
8 F this morning which seems pretty moderate considering the sub-zero weather we had last week.


01/07/2014 12:12 PM
the high might be 8 today. Cat won't go outside but the dog is dumb enough to think its fun

Think summer thoughts
Orange Crush


01/07/2014 12:38 PM

Posted By Mike Shea on 01/07/2014 09:55 AM
Just above freezing here and raining

Yup. A week of rain, rain, only interupted by more rain and a few degrees above the freezing mark. Perfect riding weather


01/07/2014 01:48 PM
We almost ran out of temperature last night. It went down to 4 F. 9 is the projected high with a low of 2 tonight. We're on the verge of running out of temperature completely and may end up running a deficit, caught in the polar vortex.
Trainer in the basement. Too much salt on the roads for outside.


01/07/2014 01:51 PM
It's 65 degrees here in San Diego. Thanks for asking.


01/07/2014 09:57 PM
Colder in the Virginia Blue Ridge mountains this am than northern New England (-13 this am with 40 mph winds), later warmed up to max of 5 above, only 20 mph winds. How bout that vtguy and thinline?


01/08/2014 11:29 AM
BRRR! A couple of days ago it was colder at my sister's house in southern Missouri than it was as my house in VT.


01/08/2014 07:31 PM
vyguy, where does your sister live? I'm in SW MO and it for us it was darn cold


01/09/2014 11:07 AM
Billings -- She teaches at Missouri State in Springfield. She told me that it got down to -10 F at her house.
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