Pro soccer is being played again in England. A landmark towards some sort of normal
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06/17/2020 08:11 PM
OC compatriot KdB, the John Stockton of Euro football assists, gets yet another on a slick finish by Little Richard protege Sterling, also assisted by a Brazilian fullback who prefers scoring goals to preventing them.


06/17/2020 09:47 PM
I noticed that Euro teams are formalizing the "12th man" of the NLF, quite liiterally. Hiring him, giving him a studio at games and full control, electronically of the "Crowd" and its cheers and boos.

This is just the first step. The sound is piped in, along with the broadcast, to we viewers. But it won't take long to figure out that home field advantage isn't when the players and officials don't hear it. Pro soccer won't be fully evolved to the new normal until it goes to headsets - for every player AND official. (When a bad call is made, EVERYBODY's gotta hear the boos!)
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06/17/2020 10:22 PM
Germany started a few weeks ago and finish their season shortly.
Spain also started last week.
Champions league finals tournament style coming up in Portugal.

It’s not particularly normal though without an audience. The audience is why you play the game.

Oh and if you mean Kevin De Bruyne he isn’t my compatriot. He’s Belgian.



06/18/2020 08:45 AM
Right you are.

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