Russian fireworks
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03/21/2022 12:25 PM
Rockets that don't look very evolved from the paper and gunpowder ones their neighbors developed centuries ago. (OC will enjoy this. The Business Insider Nederland.) See the photos halfway down the page.

Missing is the artistry of the Chinese originals, both on the paper of the rocket shell and the explosive effect. Design artistry reminds me of the simple conical surfaces of the German Focke Wulfs vs the more elegant Messerschmitt and far sleeker Spitfires and Mustangs. War tools and no more.

As the article points out, using these rockets suggests an "oops" by Russia, giving away a trade secret (that like dropper posts, only winning one race. After that, the secret is out.) An oops or Russia is getting a little desperate. (A war you initiated not going as planned? Who'd a thunk it? Just think back to the Germans rolling over Russia in weeks with the Blitzkreig. London and England faded quickly. Afghanistan has been a rousing success for everyone who's invaded it. And so on.)


03/21/2022 08:39 PM
Oops or naked aggression?

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